SCIENCE FAIR 2018 – The annual gathering of future scientists and technologists

With more than 140 research projects from Pre – to High School graders at the Western Australian School System, the Science Fair & Exhibition 2018 brought impressive and memorable experiences to all judges, parents,  participants, and visitors through many significant scientific discoveries.

After nearly two months of gathering important information from primary and secondary resources in the fields of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Robotics, WASS students have succeeded in presenting their key findings with respect to the central research questions, as well as displaying their scientific models and finished products. The event took place in a bustling atmosphere and a very fruitful program lined-up with many engaging activities. Besides, oral presentations and in-depth interviews were also some of the highlights due to the students’ professional presentation skills, the ability to think on the spot, and their thoughtful responses to judges’ questions. The success of this educational playground emphasizes WASSers’ devotion and serious involvement of learning.

During the exhibition, the stage area never ceased to excite the crowd. Under the guidance of teachers of Science, students themselves performed spectacular scientific experiments called “Catapult”, “The Snake Won’t Bite You” and “Air Power Rocket” and won the hearts of the audience.

The judges of this year’s competition include Mr. Ramachandiran – the principal, Mr. Wil Crabtree – and Ms. Anna Prieto – the vice principals, WASS teachers and more than 100 parents of students. As the students all invest sufficient time and thought into their own works, it was quite a challenge for the judges to select the best research products out of the total of 140 projects. The jury took the following criteria into consideration for evaluation technical feasibility, practical application, presentation skills, creativity, etc.  After more than two hours of observation and assessment, the organization committee finally came up with the list of the best teams. Congratulations to all the future scientists and technologists who have accomplished the Science Fair competition this year.
– First prize:
It’s Electric (WA10-2)
– Second prize:
Aquaponics (WA10-1)
– Third prize:
Earthquakes (6B-3)
– Consolation prizes:
Chemistry Of Ice Scream Making: Lowering And The Freezing Point Of Water (WA9-1); Electricity (6A-1); Which Liquid Evaporates Fastest? (7A-2).

– First prize:
Hydroponics vs. Soil Grown Plants (WA5-3)
– Second prize: Snake (2A-2)
– Third prize:
Phases Of The Moon (3B-4)
– Consolation prizes:
Green Slime (1B-1); Chemical Light (5A-1); Soap Bubbles (4B-1) 

Science Fair is one of Western Australian School System’s annual activities to honor the creative works of students in the field of science and technology. It is an educational playground that provides multi-graders of WASS the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, research and presentation skills. Through this science exhibition, we hope to build a bridge of communication, create an ideal learning environment, and lay the foundation for students’ future success.

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