Western Australian Primary and High School welcomes delegation from Academic Council of Western Australia

On the morning of March 24, Western Australian Primary and High School welcomed a delegation from the Academic Council of Western Australia. The Council visits annually to evaluate the quality of education at international schools  in Asia that teach a Western Australian program.
On the same day, the delegation met with school officials at WAPS to review the educational quality of the past years, evaluating lesson plans, teaching methods and facilities. Ms. Gail Taylor, adviser to the principal of Australian schools in Asia, praised the combination of two programs, the international program based on the standard framework of Western Australian Government and the Vietnamese program based on the standard framework of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training. The delegation was satisfied with the school’s achievements during the past year, especially with the fact that the school was ranked among the Top 100 schools in Vietnam.

Ms. Taylor meets with the headmaster and school officals of WAPS

Additionally, following the motto “Learning today for leadership tomorrow” and our student-centered teaching methods, Ms. Taylor hopes that we will keep working and striving forward in the field of education. Western Australian Primary and High School would like to thank Ms. Taylor and the delegation for their pleasant visit and wishes them all the best.

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