Wassers Western Australia’s big win at 2017’s science and technology playground

On a fun and exciting summer start, the Western Australian International School System has been involved in a variety of science playgrounds in summer. WASSers’ passion for science and creativity and helping student learn better to strive to fulfill their dreams in the future.

Opening with Wassers’ ‘victory at the Young Makers Challenge Vietnam Competition on May 21st with the encouraging results of Nguyen Binh Pham Anh Minh – Class 10B, Nguyen Tuong Linh – class 10A, Ton Nguyen Huu Tam – Class 10B entered the top 20 in the South. The contest is nationwide, designed to inspire creativity and a playground for high school and junior high school students who are passionate about programming and bringing technology closer to life.

Continuing to promote the spirit and bravery of young people, on 5/27 Wassers Western Australia has been consecutive winners of two awards and one being “Creative Products” in the contest Young Informatics Times No. 26. With the participation of 548 candidates who’ve passed the preliminary round at the district level, and more than 10,558 exam candidates qualify online; the final results are as follows:

  • Three junior high school class: Le Thuong Trac – class WA7, Tran Anh Kiet -class 8A, Nguyen Pham Gia -class 8A. They will represent City C in junior high school in the National Round in August.
  • Three high school and college class: Phan Hoang – class 10A, Quach Boi Ngoc – class 10A, Vo Dinh Nhat Huy – class 10A, Nguyen Chi Dat – class 10B, Nguyen Dinh Bao Long – 11th grade.
  • High School Encouragement Prize + University belongs to the group: Nguyen Pham Anh Minh class 10B, Ton Nguyen Huu Tam- Class 10B, Nguyen Tuong Linh- Class 10A, Nguyen van vo- grade 11.

Young Informatics is a prestigious contest organized annually to discover, gather, and foster talents in the field of creativity and knowledge skills in informatics. Young people in the city explore, learn, apply science, and technology in life. Through which, they are discovering, fostering young talents to develop talent and refer to contests nationwide.

With the victory of high school seniors; On May 30th, elementary school students from the Western Australia International School System also attended the 2017 Applied Science Competition at the Vietopia Leisure and Entertainment Center and won, the results are very impressive! The contest is dedicated to children from 6 to 11 years old who are passionate about the Science of WEDO fun and STEAM interdisciplinary learning with two panels: A panel entitled “Rescue the Polar Bear” (38 participating teams) And Panel B revolves around the theme “Getting to know the animals around you” (there are 81 participating teams). The results are as follows:

Panel A: “Rescue the polar bear”

Good Robot Award.

  • WASS1 consists of Nguyen Chau Anh – class 4A, Nguyen Pham Hien Minh – class 4A, Dinh Quoc Huy – class 5A (holds the full record of 1:04).
  • WASS2 consists of Tran Bao Khang -class 4A, Le Kha Dung – class 4B

Panel B: “Discovering Golden bee Honey”

Team prizes

  • WASS 3 consists of Le Bao Nhi – class 3B, Tran Nam Anh – class 3B, Ly Gia Han – class 3A
  • WASS 4 consists of Nguyen Hoang Nam – class 4A, Tran Quang – class 4B, Phan Mai Nhat Long – class 5B


  • WASS 5 includes: Hoang Gia Linh – class 4A, Truong Nhu Minh An –class 4A, Nguyen Gia Han – class 4A

Not stopping there, on June 4, WASSER Western Australia once again won a very commendable award at the 12th Children’s Innovation Festival, with:

2 third prizes:

  • FUTURE LIGHT belongs to group: Le Thuong Trac – class WA7, Tran Anh Kiet – class 8A, Nguyen Pham Gia – class 8A
  • VAC AUTO belongs to the group: Tran Anh Minh – class 10B, Ton Nguyen Huu Tam – class 10B, Nguyen Tuong Linh – class 10A

1 consolation prize:

  • ABORR ROBOT belongs to group: Phan Hoang – class 10A, Nguyen Chi Dat – class 10B

Let’s take a look at their proud images and celebrate the effort and success of Wassers in science and technology playground this summer.

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