WASS welcomes the second generation of WACE International graduates

On 01/12/2023, WASS organized the Graduation Ceremony for the second generation of WACE International students, marking another important milestone on the journey of finding knowledge of teachers and students at WASS.

Proud to be one of only two schools licensed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA), an authorized agency of the Western Australian Government, and is considered an Australian Overseas School in Vietnam, Western Australian International School System (WASS) inherits Australia’s outstanding educational quintessence. WASS aims at the mission of providing a genuine, modern, and quality education, to nurture traditional values in addition to the goal of training dynamic, creative, and integrated global citizens.

Over the last decade, on the journey of accompanying students in their growth, the Western Australian Certificate of Education International – Accredited Program (WACE International) at WASS is a significant important preparation which lays the foundation for the journey of knowledge discovery, skills improvement and characteristic building.

The WACE International Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023 – took place simply but solemnly and warmly, it was the final stage on the students’ emotional youth journey under the roof of WASS. In addition, the ceremony was also a recognition and honor of the students’ efforts throughout the past journey. After a period of hard study and practice along with efforts and perseverance, WASSers have officially completed their study program.

The precious WACE is a testament to the efforts and perseverance of talented students at WASS throughout their years of hard work and effort studying at school. Today’s bright smiles are a completely worthy achievement for them.

The ceremony was also a special time for students to express their gratitude to their Parents and teachers, who have always accompanied and supported them wholeheartedly on their journey of self-discovery and growing up. The daily efforts and the prestigious WACE are definitely the greatest expression that WASSers give to their Parents on this special day. The greatest joy and pride of Parents is certainly when they witness their children’s first achievements, as well as when they see that they have truly grown up and can confidently walk on their own path.

In this important ceremony, WASS was honored to welcome Mrs. Trinh Phan Thuy Trinh, Education Manager, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Consulate-General, and Mr. Tran Thanh Duc, Trade and investment Director, Government of Western Australia. The presence of distinguished guests makes the graduation ceremony of WACE International students at WASS even more solemn and meaningful.

In particular, Mrs. Trinh Phan Thuy Trinh also had special gifts for the graduating students and to celebrate 50 years of Vietnam-Australia diplomatic relations.

“Remember to make a difference in everything you do and be committed citizens of your environment to contribute to improving the quality of life of others and to achieve your intellectual renewal.” – Mr. Gustavo Páez – Principal of Fully Integrated International Programs.

In the joy of graduating, Truong Nguyen Phuong Nghi – representing the talented generation of WACE International students Class of 2023 – shared thoughtful and emotional thoughts about the years that have passed. through, about the valuable lessons that the WACE International program as well as the teachers at WASS bring. This is valuable preparation for students to step into the bright future ahead.

“As we step out into the world, let’s not forget the lessons we’ve learned within these walls. Beyond the textbooks and exams, we’ve learned the value of perseverance, the importance of collaboration, and the strength of embracing diversity. These are the lessons that will serve us well in the real world. Don’t be afraid to take risks, to step out of your comfort zone, and to chase your passions with unwavering determination.”

The WACE International Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023 – marks the “culmination” of the journey filled with love and holds extremely important meaning in preserving the most beautiful memories of students at WASS. After 12 years of effort and perseverance, WACE students never stopped striving, overcoming challenges and achieving their goals, and now they are holding the highly regarded Western Australia Certificate of Education, ready for a promising future.

The Western Australian Certificate of Education International – Accredited Program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and essential skills to young people to meet the demands of work and life in today’s knowledge-based economy. The program’s subject groups revolve around 7 key skills aimed at creating confident, dynamic, creative and erudite student generations.

With comprehensive knowledge and skills, the WACE International is recognized across Australia and by renowned universities worldwide. This is the key to unlocking opportunities and success for the generations of WACE International students at WASS.

The challenges are still ahead, but with meticulous and comprehensive preparation in knowledge and skills, the talented students of WACE International will always be confident and strong to continue writing their dreams.

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