My Unforgettable Journey at WASS

“The WACE International Program creates a solid foundation for me to confidently develop myself in a multicultural environment.” – Tran Minh Huy – Alumni of WACE International Program at WASS.

Western Australian International School System (WASS) is proud to be one of only two schools licensed to implement the Western Australian Certificate of Education International Program and considered as an Australian Overseas School in Vietnam. WACE International  is a significant important preparation which lays the foundation for the journey of knowledge discovery and characteristics building.

Not only equipping common theories, WACE International promotes students to improve their creativity, critical thinking, personal and social skills and a deep understanding of multiculturalism. These are all important skills for the young generation towards future success.

Being the first valedictorian of WACE International, the academic year 2021 – 2022, Minh Huy is currently a student at University of the Pacific in the US with a scholarship worth up to $40.000. He’s still diligently pursuing his passion for technology with the Bachelor of Computer Science with a Minor in Chemistry.

The period of study at WASS not only left our boy with beautiful memories but also equipped him with the best resources for a successful transition into university and future life.

“One of the most significant aspects of the WACE International program is its ability to open our eyes to the diverse cultures and traditions of numerous countries. It has provided me with invaluable opportunities to interact and connect with individuals from different backgrounds, fostering a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of our global community. Through engaging seminars, thought-provoking discussions, and immersive experiences, WACE has helped me understand the importance of cultural competence and cross-cultural communication.

Moreover, the WACE International program has laid the groundwork for me to confidently navigate unfamiliar environments, even outside the comfort of my home country, Vietnam. The education I received through WACE International has equipped me with a solid foundation in both academic and practical skills. The rigorous curriculum, coupled with hands-on experiences, has honed my critical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. These qualities are essential in today’s dynamic world, where change is constant, and the ability to thrive in different settings is paramount.

As I embarked on my journey at the University of the Pacific, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Chemistry, I found myself well-prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead. The interdisciplinary nature of the WACE International program has trained me to think broadly, bridging the gap between science and technology. This holistic approach allows me to explore the intersection of Computer Science and Chemistry, leveraging my diverse skill set to tackle complex problems in innovative ways.” – Tran Minh Huy, WACE International alumni.

On 01/12/2023, the next generation of WACE International at WASS will graduate and be ready to take on the world, confidently shine and succeed just like what the previous generations of students are doing. It’s an affirmation about the solid academic foundations and sustainable core values that WASS provided to students.

Always be strong and confident to conquer new achievements! WASS community will always be by your side and wish the best for you.

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