WASS Kicks Off the New Academic Year With Many Meaningful Activities

Since the first day of the academic year 2023 – 2024, the Western Australian International School System community has come together to participate in many meaningful activities. Thereby, WASSers not only gain lots of fun and memorable experiences but they also gain great motivation in their journey to appreciate the essence of Western Australian education. That will be the foundation for WASSers to develop comprehensively and confidently seize opportunities to become global citizens in the future.

Let’s review the most outstanding activities that WASSers have been involved in during the past few weeks!

On September 14, the Yellow Day event took place in a joyful atmosphere at the campuses of Western Australian International School System. This is one of WASS’s series of traditional events, Spirit Days, where students wear their favorite yellow shirts to school. With the theme “Yellow Waves: Inspiring Hope”, the event hopes to promote the great values ​​of hope, optimism, and the strengths that help us build trust and motivation in life. The image of all Western Australian campuses decorated with warm yellow has contributed to regenerating positive energy and motivation for teachers and students in the new school year.

At the same time, Color Day events at preschool campuses also helped “little angels” freely play in a colorful world. Students are dressed in free colors, and they took part in many interesting activities together, such as singing, throwing balls, mixing colors, drawing and decorating pictures with unlimited materials, and so on. This event has also provided young WASSers a colorful playground where students can strengthen their visual perception of colors, develop their emotions, refine their essential skills and discover new knowledge about life.

Peace Day 2023, with the theme “Global Harmony – Embracing Peace”, held on September 21, has become an extremely special day when Western Australian International School System is “greened” thanks to the shirts that WASSers wore to school. The students together created giant wings of freedom made from feathers containing their thoughts and feelings, thereby expressing their love and belief in a bright and pleasant future.

Those little feathers, when joined together, would create a great bird of peace, just like how small contributions can create great change. Even more meaningful, with each green shirt worn to school, the students contributed 10,000 VND to WASS’s “Empower the Next Generation” Community Fund to help those in difficult situations throughout the country.

Through Peace Day activities, students understood the meaning of this special holiday, thereby joining hands to build a friendly and safe learning environment in which each individual is treated equally and with love.

The September of WASSers ended with the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the important traditional festivals of the Vietnamese people. The Mid-Autumn Festival event was held on September 28 – 29 at Western Australian International School System with the theme “Wonderland of Adventures Under the Sparkling Stars”. With a variety of fascinating activities, the event ensured that students had a pleasant and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival. WASSers of Kindergarten watched the lion dance and various performances, made lanterns, and enjoyed traditional mooncakes. WASSers were extremely excited to hear the teacher retell the Mid-Autumn Festival fairy tale, and after that, they interacted and received gifts from Mr. Cuoi and Ms. Hang.

The Primary School also had interesting experiences with exciting activities in class such as decorating lanterns, making cards, making mooncake boxes, decorating “Mam ngu qua” participating in minigames such as Golden Bell and watching relaxing movies together at Movie Night at the end of the day. The festival became even more attractive with a series of free activities at traditional booths, such as overcoming obstacles, making tortoise shells, walking on stilts, and so on taking place at Tan Cang restaurant (Binh Thanh District). After two memorable days of the Mid-Autumn Festival, students had unforgettable memories with their friends and teachers. This was also an opportunity for them to better understand the traditional holidays that are still preserved today, thereby promoting cultural beauty and developing sustainable national traditional values.

We hope that after the series of extremely meaningful activities that the School has implemented, WASSers will gain useful lessons, learn new knowledge, and become more connected, working towards the goal of building a dynamic, confident, and united school environment.

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