WAPS’s students bustlingly welcomed Noel 2014

This 12.24 afternoon, at WAPS, teachers and parents jointly held a ceremony to give Christmas gifts for students.

Santa Claus in red clothes and white beard seemed only in fairy tales have appeared to hand Christmas gifts to each class. Small and simple gifts would be unforgettable memories with students. Joy was remained in their sight and smile as beautiful memory at WAPS.
Here are some pictures of WAPS’s Christmas Festival:

Santa Claus visited each class to give gifts to students
Whole lass were surprised with the arrival of Santa Claus
The students were very excited to receive gifts from Santa Claus
Face filled with happiness
Meaningful moments
Christmas brings joy and warm moments to everyone
The gifts, affectionate greetings, love …
..were unforgetable memories of WAPS’s students

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