The Wonders of Growing Up Discussed at WASS

During adolescence, physical and psychological changes can greatly influence how children study, as well as their relationships in life. To help children during this phase of life, the school hosted a seminar about reproductive health with psychologist Dr. Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu. He helped WASS middle schoolers answer questions about puberty and other sexual health issues that are appropriate for their age.

In previous generations, reproductive health education was sadly often considered taboo and early sex education for students was unfortunately avoided, resulting in misinformation and anxiety. However, today the pupils benefit from learning about physical and emotional changes and develop an understanding about these natural processes. Open communication between children, their family, and educators are making the children well educated on these matters and ensures that they get the correct knowledge about puberty and reproduction.

By sharing interesting information, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu helped WASSers gain the correct information about common physiological changes related to puberty, how to maintain good body hygiene, information about appropriate and safe relationships, and how to avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Parallel to that, the blossoming sexual feelings of the children was also discussed with openness in a safe environment.

WASSers also discussed inappropriate relationships and how to respond accordingly. They discussed escape skills, avoiding dangerous situations, and how to face difficult problems with honest discussions within their family.

The students enjoyed directly sending questions and concerns to Dr. Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu. The teachers also did not forget to remind our WASSer about cultural standards and behaviors which they can use to protect themselves from unsafe situations and ways to get help when they have questions or experience difficulties.

WASS hopes that through this seminar, WASSers will have the correct perceptions about human development, sexual reproduction, and love.


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