The gratitude ceremony for teachers on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11 of WAPS’s students was meaningful
On 20/11/2014 afternoon, WAPS celebrated the meaningful gratitude ceremony for teachers with vibrant and attractive performances.

The ceremony took place in extremely playful and bustling atmosphere with the participation of the WAPS’s management board, teachers, staff, parents and all students.
With grateful and respectful hearts to teachers, WAPS’s students brought the ceremony with performances staged elaborate and attractive as the small gift donated to teachers on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11.
8th grade students gave the program very lively dance repertoire
Cute repertoire of three boys from grade 1
The second graders are confident with their performance
My Phuong Chi – 6th grade student sent a meaningful song “Nguoi Thay” to all teachers.
Meaningful lyrics echoed in the soul of each person. Parents borned and raised us. Teachers conveyed us knowledge, motivated our dreams and gave us wings to fly away. With those enormous merits, students can not forget, so this gratitude ceremony was an opportunity for the students to sentiments, profound gratitude to their teachers.
Do Vu Minh Ngoc – a grade 10 student, presented WAPS’s students to express profound gratitude to the teachers.
Phan Thien Thao also represented all students to thank their teachers in English
Shirt brooch flowers were grateful gifts to the teachers on honoring day
Mr. Tran Van Rung donated to foreign teachers the meaningful gift on 20/11
Gratitude ceremony was an opportunity for WAPS’s students to express sentiments, profound gratitude to the teachers.
In response to the sentiments of students, WAPS also donated meaningful gifts to individuals, groups learning achieved outstanding artistic activity and learning results. Along the achievements gained in recent years, WAPS’s teachers and students will make the best efforts to become one of the outstanding education units of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and of Vietnam in general.
WAPS also donated gifts to the excellent individuals and groups in recent time.
Radiant faces of the students when receiving significant gifts from the teachers
The gratitude ceremony for teachers on 20/11of WAPS ended successfully.
Here are a few photos of the event:
Two little MC of the program
Students gave the ceremony a bustling and joyful atmosphere with attractive performances
Impressive dance performance of the students in grade 6
The Pre graders with playful dance repertoire
Excitied with modern dance repertoire
Hoang Anh gave ceremony song “Bui Phan” emotional song gifted teachers

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