The Academic Year 2022-2023 Opening Ceremony

Western Australian School System organized the Academic Year 2022-2023 Opening Ceremony on August 6th. It marked the beginning of another education journey at WASS.

The sudden rain could not take the excitement and eagerness of the whole WASS community away in this special ceremony on that day. WASS was honored to welcome a huge number of parents, students and many distinguished guests in the Academic Year 2022-2023 Opening Ceremony.

Teachers and students at WASS together started a new journey to explore knowledge, reach their dreams with much hope and faith. The theme ‘Make it a Dream’ promises a new school year full of successes and breakthroughs. Innovative and modern teaching methods combined with the practical learning field trips will create a solid foundation of knowledge. It is the premise that opens up the success and proud achievements.

The ceremony was solem and cozy with a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. The special drumming performance to kick off the new school year was the spotlight of the ceremony with a unique and energetic LED drum performance by WASSers. The elaborately and meticulously choreographed musical performances also attracted a lot of attention from the audience.


The 2021-2022 academic year has passed; however, the achievements that students have achieved are worthy of recognition, especially in the extremely special circumstances of the previous school year. Principal Wards is an annual prestigious award to honor WASSers who had outstanding academic achievements. Along with that, the academic showcase area has shown the talents of WASSers through their projects during the school year.

In addition to traditional parts, WASS ceremony also brought new “colors” to parents and students with many interesting activities and diverse cuisine stalls. Hopefully WASSers and parents have had a really relaxing time, and be ready for a new school year full of positive energy.

WASS would like to send the most sincere gratitude to parents who have always trusted and accompanied us over the past time. It must be the great motivation for WASS to constantly strive and provide a comprehensive education pathway so that we can support parents and give wings for our students reaching their dreams.

There would be many challenges and difficulties on the journey ahead; however, with the incredible effort and endeavor, all members at WASS will beat in the same heart to make this school year successful and breakthrough, making the dreams come true.

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