Primary Students March field trip – Visiting the Southern Womens’ Museum and Kizciti

On March 17th 2017, primary WASSers enjoyed a field trip that combined both information on traditional values and ideas on future career orientation.

The first destination was the Southern Womens’ Museum with valuable and rare objects such as pictures of women during the two resistance wars against France and America. WASSers were taken on a guided tour around the museum, listened to an introductory presentation and learnt about the various eras of Vietnam’s history and the beautiful traditions of Vietnamese women. They also saw old objects formerly used in the traditional trade villages, and the costumes and jewelry from these early periods. From this trip, our students gained more knowledge about the importance of national culture, and raised their awareness of need to preserve and promote Vietnam traditional values.

In the afternoon, students were then taken to the Kizciti Education Park and participated in interesting career oriented activities. WASSers “became” doctors, firemen, photographers, police officers and fashion models. Through these activities, they learnt and understood more about work ethics, responsibilities at working

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of our little WASSers during the March field trip.

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