Life skills education: Peace- the living value lays the foundation for children’s development

At WASS, with the goal of helping children develop both intellectual and spiritual life, life skills-based education has been cleverly integrated not only into the curriculum but also the extracurricular activities by WASS. In pre-school classes, lessons and meaningful stories will be delivered by their teachers. They will help your children draw lively pictures to decorate in the classroom and help them learn how to read, spell and write. All these activities will equip your children with good moral and nurture positive mindsets in learning and living.

Peace- the living value lays the foundation for children’s development. Relating to ‘peace’, we often connect it with its antonym -‘war’. Therefore, ‘peace’ means ‘no war’, no guns and death. However, peace is not just that simple. The peace has a greater meaning in this era, it means we have to live together with no conflict or fight. If everyone around the world is friendly and lives happily – that will be the peace.

The peace begins when we feel the inner-peace in our souls and the relaxation in our minds. At WASS, the value of peace that we want to encourage the preschoolers is to find the peace and to live in harmony with their friends, teachers, and people around them. When they have to face difficult situations, they will know how to resolve the conflicts between other people instead of using violence. We will point out the situation at the beginning of the lesson to help the children focus on, and then encourage them to share thoughts and experiences with their friends to develop language skills.

The teachers will use puppets to express these situations so that they can learn directly rather than through lessons with little kids. And for older children, the teachers will teach them through reading, writing and spelling exercises. With this learning process, children can discover their own reflections and they can draw pictures or write a short story about the problem.

Besides, the monthly topic will deliver added value through the lessons; aiming to improve the spiritual value for the children. The theme of August – Peace is one of the first crucial fundamental values in building children’s characters since the first days of school.

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