Journey to light up dreams – Yen Bai charity trip

During this trip, besides inspecting two projects of the 2019 – 2020 school year, WASSers will together with teachers to survey the terrain as well as facilities to implement the next community projects for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

In the last school year, the WASS community joined together to raise the “For the Community” Fund to carry out two projects: “Bring electricity to the village” and “Be with you to school” to build 10km of roads and schools for the pupils in the village Giang La Pan, Ban Mu Commune, Tram Tau District, Yen Bai Province. After a long period of construction due to severe weather conditions, up to now, the two projects have been initially completed and put into use.

The high school students, representing WASSers of the whole system and teachers and staff members were present in Tram Tau District to acknowledge the achievements of the “For the Community” Fund after one year of effort. Contrary to the majestic pristine beauty in the mountains and forests, there are lots of children not having enough meals, warm clothes and shoes to go to school. They have to walk on bare feet on the rocky roads, passing creeks and abysses. Here, cars can only go to the beginning of the village, the rest of the road the team needs to go on homemade motorbikes for the villagers to get in. But all members of the team did not feel tired at the thought of the big eyes and radiant smiles of the children at Yen Bai school.

In addition to accepting the works that the WASS community has jointly built, the team also brought the students here brand new learning tools to start the new school year with excitement and optimism. The WASSers could not help but be moved to see the radiant joy on the muddy faces of the students when they finally get a chance to study in a more spacious and fully-equipped school than before. Each trip brings a different level of emotions, if the previous trip was a concern about the rocky road to the school of the students and the old school is not comfortable enough for them to pursue their learning journey; This trip, then, brings a light of hope to the students’ bright future in remote regions of Vietnam. The achievements that the WASS community has joined hands to bring are not only material but also great spiritual values, connecting hearts, connecting people in all national regions come together, sharing the warmth of love.

Thank you to the loving hearts of the WASS community for accompanying the school on this charity trip, and we hope that we will not only stop at this time but will also accompany us in the long run. Together, we can open up new projects for children in the uplands, keep writing great stories about a journey that light up hope and bring smiles to the difficult lives. More information about kick-off new projects will continue to be updated on the Western Australian International School System’s fanpage soon.

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