“The Journey of Love” in the academic year 2022 – 2023

With the mission of constantly spreading messages of love, the value of sharing and contributing practical actions to the community, the Fundraising for Community – “Empower the Next Generation” has recorded the first achievements in the academic year 2022 – 2023.

Aiming to provide a high-quality education, Western Australian International School System (WASS) believes that community is an indispensable part of our learning values. In our journey of creating “global citizens”, WASS always encourages students to learn to understand Vietnamese values and cultural identity with an international mindset by empowering and encouraging them to solve social problems.

Keep that goal in mind, WASS has accompanied and shared with the community through many meaningful and humane activities and events throughout the academic year 2022 – 2023 such as Pink Day, One Community Fair, Christmas Fair, or the Piggy Bank,… With a boundless heart of compassion, deep empathy, and genuine sharing, WASS community has raised a total of 755,692,000 VND (Seven hundred fifty-five million, six hundred ninety-two thousand Vietnam dong) during the past academic year.

The money raised during the events and other fundraising activities will be donated to the four projects: “Knowledge for the Highland Students”, “Tech Empowerment for Highland Students”, “Next Generation Knowledge Collaboration” and “Bridge of Love”. The above projects hope to make contributions to the underprivileged children and residents of Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province towards a brighter and better future.

After a period of implementation, the initial steps of the “Knowledge for the Highland Students” project have been completed, including the construction of multi-purpose rooms and dormitories, which are currently nearing completion. This complex aims to support local students with accommodations as well as shorten their daily distance to school. This is also a common area, serving to enhance the spiritual life of the local community. There are some updated pictures in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province.

These facilities were completed and put into operation after the Inauguration Ceremony of this special event in mid-July. Besides, these rooms have accommodated over 70 students to participate in a summer skills training course, providing them with valuable experiences before the new academic year. Furthermore, the other projects will be implemented and completed within the next three months.

Na Co Sa Secondary School, located in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province, currently enrolls nearly 600 students. Most of these students come from distant areas so moving from home to school is very difficult – especially in the rainy season. However, the school’s previous facilities could only accommodate 2/3 of the students. The completion of multi-functional rooms and dormitories will help improve the living and learning conditions for these students.

The bright smiles on students’ faces are the most vivid proof of the success that project brought. WASS never forgot the challenges that we went through in the early days of planning the implementation, surveying the area, raising funds, and conducting construction. Then, happiness appeared the moment multi-purpose rooms and dormitories were inaugurated. Each brick, each table or each bowl of rice contains the love, sympathy and hope of WASS community to provide a better learning environment, to give wings to their dreams and to help them have a solid future.

WASS would like to express the most sincere gratitude to Parents and Students who have always enthusiastically supported the Fundraising for Community – Empower the Next Generation over the past years. The special community service projects in Dien Bien province and other community activities at WASS could not have been completed and succeeded without the support and cooperation of all WASS members. This valuable companionship will serve as motivation for WASS to continue delivering larger and more impactful community projects.

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