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According to statistics of WHO, 4 kids die every minute as a result of traffic accidents in the world, especially Vietnam, about 2000 children die because of the same reason.

No matter how much you take care and protect your children, you can’t be sure that you will always be beside them. Someday your children might go out alone. Getting to learn about traffic safety not only keeps them stay safe on the streets but also helps them build their independence at the little age. With the aim of providing methods of teaching children traffic safety for the parents, WAPS would like to share some practical ways and tips on how to make these lessons more interesting and enjoyable, in which helps children understand and memorize it easily and quickly.


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At the age of 5, kids can walk on the streets by themselves. It’s an appropriate period of time for parents to talk to them about dangers caused by moving vehicles. Telling them consequences of being careless when they’re walking outside such as getting hurt, bleeding, having broken legs or even death. However, the parents shouldn’t scare them but let them be aware of these bad results.

Teaching them with models and photos

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Children will find it more interesting and attractive to learn about traffic safety with models and photos.

– Show them basic things like: motorbikes, cars, pedestrians, pavements, lanes, traffic lights. Children need to know where and when to cross the streets.

– It also depends on how old they are that the parents decide which information they should learn.

Let them practice what they’ve learned

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It’s the most important part in the process. After learning about traffic safety through the models and photos, the children need to apply what they’ve learn into reality.

– Take your children out and ask them some questions like: where the pavement is, where you can cross the streets, what the meaning of traffic light is.

– Children also need to learn how to observe vehicles around them so that they can know when they can move.

– Telling them to walk on their right side to avoid accidents.

– Waving your hands when crossing the streets. It’s even better for them to go with a group of adults.

– Also, children should be aware of walking out of allies. They need to observe and listen to vehicle’s hooters. Walk with them many times before letting them do it by themselves.

Encourage them to become instructors

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Encouraging your older children to guide their younger sisters or brothers about traffic safety helps them not only memorize it better but also helps them become more responsible. Additionally, the parents can pretend that they don’t know how they should move on the streets and then ask the children to show them how.

Organizing contest

Schools should organize traffic contests for the students and consider it in regular lessons. It can help children build their awareness of traffic safety gradually

Be a good model for your children
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It means nothing if you don’t follow what you teach your children such as asking them to wear helmet while you do not, telling them wait until the green traffic light but you just keep crossing the red light, etc. If you want your children to follow traffic rules, you need to do it first and be a good model for them.

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