Effective Mathematics Learning

Learning mathematics is fun because we can learn maths in many different ways.

Therefore, to learn Maths effectively you need to explore and experiment yourself to find the method that best suits your style. For many of us, reading from a text book and memorising its content is difficult and boring. This also applies to learning Mathematics.

So, Math learners should search for everyday objects such as chopsticks and Lego blocks and use them to explore and learn Maths concepts. Many students learn maths by being able to visualise the concepts and explore the relationships using materials that they can physically touch. For others, their style may involve drawing pictures or tables. Another style may involve learning systems or processes similar to the way we a recipe helps a pastry chef bake a cake.

However, no matter what your preferred style is there is two things you must remember. Firstly, never be afraid to ‘play’ with the numbers and make mistakes. It is through these errors we learn and develop deep understanding. Finally, like I tell all my students, when Maths seems to be hard; “breathe in – breathe out’. Try again and again, but never give up as there is always a solution.

Stephen Zahra


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