Doctor from Harvard university help parents how to build their child’s confidence

There are many factors which cause the shyness, lack of confidence at the young but the main factors are excessive love from parents and the family or passive habitation

Have you ever been wondered why our child is so shy while others are confident in expressing ideas, participating in cultural activities or speaking in front of crowd. So how can they are more confident like this?

con-tu-tin-tham -gia-cac-hoat-dong
Confident in expressing his talent

There are many factors which cause the shyness, lack of confidence at the young but the main factors are excessive love from parents and the family or passive habitation.

So how to help your child be more confident?

In the seminar “How to build your child’s confidence” organized by Western Australian Primary and High school on 16th August, Speaker – Dr. Hoang Minh To Nga offered parents some methods to help child feel more confident. Let’s refer to:

Teach your child to be independent

The stronger society develops, the better quality of life is, this makes parents over-pamper child. At home, all the chores are done by maids and the task of child is study. That loses child’s independence. Child will realize that there are many simple things he can not do when they move out of their parents. This will lead lack of confidence, fear and shame with their friends. In some cases, child faces to serious problems such as stress, suicide and etc…

So no matter how loving the child, parents should let your child be independent, you should divide work for the child by age, encouraged child to participate in social activities and participate in housework

Balancing between child and work

Nowaday, many parents spend too much time at work so that all housework is assigned to the maid or grandparents. They have no time to talk and share with their child that makes children feel alone, lack of confidence. In some case, children love fighting, teasing friends and teachers to get attention from them.

Always balance between life and work, spend more time to talk are the key to make your child better.

Parents should regularly communicate with children

Respecting and understanding your child

At any age, we are always eager to be understood and shared, and so is child. If parents impose your thoughts and desires on your child,  you will get the worst results.

Parents should make friend with child, often exchange, talk to understand child more. Listening thought, desire and encouragement will help child more confident.

Parents should understand your child’s dream

Western Australian Primary and High school hopes that this article will help parents find the best ways to support and help your child. Parents follow the next topic in the “Character education program for child” series.

Vu Thuy


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