The character development – The responsibilities of global citizenship

In March, WASSers had an opportunity to learn about character development and responsibility in a series of education character lessons at WASS. Students not only learnt theories, but also were encouraged to practice what they learnt through practical activities at school. Let’s find out more about what the students learnt and practiced.

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To WASSers, responsibility is considered to lie at the centre of being a real citizen. In March this year, students were all keenly involved and enthusiastic to learn all they could about character development and responsibility.

As we can see, one of the qualities of a successful person is to have a well developed sense of responsibility. To students, responsibility is demonstrated through their abilities to study; through how they listen to their lessons and how they complete their assignments and class projects. By understanding this, WASSers learn to fulfill their responsibilities.

Students also practice being responsible in a social sense by being aware of their surroundings and by doing such things as: reminding each other to put the garbage in the right places and such as taking care of each other and following all the rules, as a team, when going on school trips such as the recent trips to Mango Garden Resort, Suoi Mo park and the 3D Museum.  

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As part of our educational programs, WASS regularly holds activities that enhance character development. In March, the school held a project for World Water Day ( 22/03) which the students greatly enjoyed. Through this they had the excitement of producing clean water from filtration devices that they made themselves. By participating in this project students learnt to appreciate and value the importance of water and to develop a sense of responsibility to keep the planet green. To do more than just talk! WASS believes that students should be enthusiastic environment ambassadors for present and for the future.



The Character First Education program which has been adopted by WASS has a smart approach to students that helps students easily  learn through simple definitions, real stories and practical examples. Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) is the author of the famous novel  “Little Women” which was first published in 1868 and which was translated into many languages around the world. She was known as not only a famous female novelist, but also was respected for her contributions to society at that time. In the Civil War (1861-1865) in America, she volunteered to be a nurse on the front lines. Afterwards, she contracted leprosy so she came back to live with her family. As a daughter, she took care of her mother until her mother passed away. As a younger sister, she always helped her sister mentally and financially. She raised her little niece herself until she died. She is the beautiful mirror of social responsibility for all future generations to follow.

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We hope that through such lessons, students can set their own goals for their study, family and community. They will become more responsible to themselves, their families and community and they will be more mature and will develop into real global citizens.

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