Attendance policy and procedure the school year 2018-2019

At WASS, it is expected that students will attend class every school day, all day to gain the maximum benefit from schooling in order to optimize their life opportunities.

The school will keep a record of absences, lateness, and early dismissals. We understand that for maximum transfer of knowledge 90% percent attendance is necessary. Attendance lower then 90% could impact on academic standards.

Excused Absences:
  • Illness
  • Doctor/Dentist appointment for student
  • Bereavement
  • Religious observances
  • Prearranged family vacations
  • Extreme family emergencies
Unexcused Absences:
  • Missed taxi/bus or off bus for discipline reasons
  • Overslept
  • Finishing homework
  • Excursions – such as attending the fair, sports events, etc.
  • Doctor/Dentist appointment (for someone other than the student)
  • Not reporting to school when delayed due to weather
Attendance Record

A student’s attendance is considered to be at risk if it falls below 90% – ie a total of 5 days absent in a 10-week term.

The school will:

  • Keep accurate attendance record for every student enrolled at the school (including attendance at both morning and afternoon sessions for Kindergarten, Pre-primary and Primary students, and every lesson/period for Secondary students) that are able to be reproduced in a written form.
  • Record in Class Attendance a student as:
    • Present for a half day when the student has attended at least 2 hours of instruction
    • Absent for a half day when the student has attended less than 2 hours of instruction
    • Attending if they are on a school-approved activity
    • Late if they are not present when attendance is recorded
    • Short term leave when the student has left and returned within a day (egappointment) less than half day absence
    • Early dismissal when the student leaves from school before the official end of school day but less than half day absence
  • Record whether a student’s absence was authorized or unauthorized;
  • Issue a leave pass to a student who has been granted permission to leave the school unaccompanied by a responsible adult, and record a student as:
    • Present for a half day when the student has attended at least 2 hours of instruction
    • Present if they are on a school-approve activity or attending off-site under a section 24 arrangement.

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