What remains after sexual education seminar

Sexuality education seminar

Sexual or sex education is an extremely sensitive issue which parents often try to avoid when their child mentions it. According to our forefathers, Sex Education is teaching the cat how to meow. But my father did not think that driving along the right road is better than making serious mistakes and consequences.

During his sexual education seminar with students of Secondary and High school level of Western Australian Primary and High school, Dr Huynh Van Son educated students in general about sexuality. Through humorous stories, students learned how to take care of themselves, choose the appropriate clothes and recognized changing signs of body.

Social networking is a double-edged sword for students, especially girls. Dr. Huynh Van Son also helped them understand and identify their feelings, how to prevent and resolve unexpected situations.

Dr.Son shared sexuality

“At your age, development of psychology and physicality is not comprehensive so you were easy to get serious consequences when passing over term. Therefore, you should know how to protect themselves to avoid unexpected things.”

Dr.Son exchanged with students about sexuality

Through this seminar, the Western Australian Primary and High school believe that students have a learnt how to identify their feelings, how to maintain friendships and pure high school love to have beautiful memories when older.

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