WASSers Shined with Impressive Achievements at the National Phu Dong Sports Game 2023

In October and November 2023, WASSers achieved outstanding results, bringing home numerous valuable awards at the National Phu Dong Sports Game. This is a tremendous achievement, marking their dedication and unremitting efforts.

The National Phu Dong Sports Game is an annual competition of the City Department of Education and Training, aiming to create a healthy and beneficial playground for students to actively participate in physical activities. The competition provides a great opportunity for students to socialize, learn, develop their talents, and enhance their intellect, determination, and resilience.

In team sports such as Soccer and Basketball, the WASS teams made significant contributions, delivering thrilling and captivating matches for the audience. The players demonstrated team spirit and unwavering determination, resulting in notable achievements. 

  • Soccer: 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals 

In individual sports such as Swimming, Athletics, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess and Chinese Chess, WASS athletes performed outstandingly. The students not only competed with many other strong opponents from different schools in the city, but also overcame their own limits and challenges to bring home many valuable prizes.

  • Badminton: 1 Gold and 2 Bronze Medals
  • Chinese Chess: 1 Silver Medal
  • Athletics: 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals
  • Swimming: 2 Gold, 7 Silver, and 10 Bronze Medals

The impressive achievements of the students at this competition have demonstrated their fair play spirit, determination, and dedication. This is a source of pride for their teachers, parents, and the entire WASS community.

In addition, during the competition, students shared their experiences and skills with each other, and together they overcame challenges to achieve their goals. This made the competition even more meaningful, as the students not only had the opportunity to exercise their physical health but also had the opportunity to bond with friends in the WASS community, as well as grow and become more confident.

WASS is grateful to the students for their diligence in training and continuously enhancing their endurance to deliver outstanding performances in this competition. We hope that in the future, the students will continue  to maintain a healthy lifestyle,  keep up the habit of regular physical exercise, and maintain strong determination and passion for sports to conquer upcoming challenges.

*WASSers’ achievements at the National Phu Dong Sports Game will be continuously updated on the School’s official websites.

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