WASSers Sex Education Seminar 2017

A sex education seminar was held on the morning of 27th February 2017, to help WASSers have a greater and more accurate awareness of love and sexuality. The Western Australian School System organized the sex education seminar for all high school students and was conducted by Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr. Huynh Van Son.

With humor and understanding, Dr. Huynh Van Son provided WASSers with an overview of sexuality, and gender and discussed the physical and psychology changes that occur during puberty. Given the proper knowledge, students will follow healthy lifestyles, protect themselves against any possible sexual assaults and will be able to take better care of their bodies.

There were many sensitive questions asked about things that concerned WASSers. The students asked many questions and discussed with the speaker issues relating to sexuality and psychologically age appropriate sexual awareness.

Sex education for young students is an important issue in society. At WASS, providing students with accurate information about sex and physiological health is an important activity. Seminars such as this are important for the overall mental development of our students.

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