WASSers join hands to pray for Australia

The past period was  the worst time for wildfires in Australia since September last year. The highest temperature on record with severe prolonged drought caused by climate change, has created flames, making many parts of Australia look no different from “doomsday” 

According to CNN. It is estimated that since 09/2091 until now, there are about 2 thousand houses have been destroyed, about 26 people died and around 6 million hectares of of forest have been burnt. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at Australia has even estimated that about 1.2 billion animals have died from forestfire in the country.

Pray For Australia

Severe wildfires are devastating Australia.

Pray For Australia

The animals are struggling to fight the fire.

Pray For Australia

Fire and smog from the fires are making Australia’s air quality deteriorate rapidly.

While Australia is fighting with the fire storm, the international community’s has joined in together with the hashtag #PrayforAustralia with hope to help the country to overcome this difficult times. With more ten million of dollars donated to firefighting operations, local rescue work has been more active.

At Western Australian School, apart from studying, WASSers always are up to date with news, monitoring and praying for Australia. The students express their sadness toward what Australian and the animals have been going through. Painting activities with the message “pray for Australia”, the students pray the fire will soon be overcome, hoping the rain will pour down to ease the terrible heat circling in Australia.

Pray For Australia

WASSers expressed their sadness for the desolate landscape and millions of animals burned.

Pray For Australia

WASSers hope with the world’s help, Australia will soon overcome this fire

Through the activity of drawing for “pray for Australia”, WASSers express their wish that together with the world, Australia will quickly overcome this hard time as well as inspire, asking for the world to join in hands to protect the environment, restrain global warming.

Pray For Australia Pray For Australia Pray For Australia

The message to protect the environment is always incorporated into the study program by the school.

With the goal of creating a comprehensive education environment, all of WASSers’ generations have accessed to multidimensional information to practice practical life skill and also approach study program relating to community, protecting the environment while studying at WASS. This will help them become more responsible toward social issues and build a more positive attitude.

All of the students have put on their proud red uniform of WASS, which is a reminder of the responsibilities and mission of
for loving and sharing community”

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