WASS emphasizes safety and promotes meaningful activities for students

Members of WASS took part in the Tie Day event and the fire prevention and fighting training sessions.

At Western Australian International School System (WASS), creating conditions for generations of students to develop good character, responsibility, and a sense of community care is a top priority. Therefore, in addition to academic activities, the School always organizes practical and intimate events to enable students to learn and grow comprehensively.

Emphasizing fire safety in the school environment.

During September 30 to October 6, 2023, WASS organized fire evacuation skill training sessions for teachers and students. The objective of these training sessions was to promote and enhance fire safety knowledge for all staff, teachers, and students of the School.

During the training sessions, the team of teachers and staff were guided by Fire Prevention specialists on the locations of emergency exits that could be used in critical situations as well as how to assemble and use equipment such as rope ladders, safety gear, safety belts, and various types of fire extinguishers. In addition, teachers and staff at WASS also participated in simulated scenarios to apply the knowledge they had learned during the training sessions. Through this, the teachers were equipped with practical knowledge to promptly assist students and protect themselves in the event of fires, explosions, or unforeseen accidents.

In the event of unexpected incidents, kindergarten students are often prone to panic and don’t know how to protect themselves. Therefore, the School specially organized fire evacuation skill drills for kindergarten students at WASS. During these drills, students were given detailed instructions on what to do if they heard the fire alarm, and a chance to practice important escape skills, such as properly covering their nose and mouth with a wet cloth, staying low in hallways, and moving slowly towards the exit under the guidance of teachers.

Prioritizing safety and fire prevention in the school environment, WASS continually strives to improve infrastructure, equip safety devices, and train teachers and staff to provide a safe, healthy, and internationally standardized learning environment. This creates conditions for students to focus on their studies and achieve comprehensive development.

Spreading kindness in the West Australian community.

On October 12, 2023, WASS welcomed the students to School in special attire, with the presence of charming ties and bows, to celebrate Tie Day.

With the theme “Kindness ‘Ties’ Us Together,” Tie Day 2023 was not just an opportunity for students to experience a unique non-uniform day but also a chance for members to showcase fashion diversity through unique outfits with various combinations of accessories.

Each cute bow or tie symbolizes a promise always to strive to do good deeds, maintain a respectful and courteous attitude, and care for others around the West Australian community. This way, they can contribute to building and preserving a friendly and united learning environment.

During this Tie Day event, WASSers from different grades came together to experience the significance of kindness through activities like “Kindness Check” and “Who’s Faster.” Using simple words like “Thank you for helping me”, “Good job!” etc, along with practical actions to assist their friends, the School aimed to help WASSers understand the meaning of this event and learn how to express emotions, care, and share with friends, teachers, and family. Through this, students will come to realize that every act of kindness in their daily lives strengthens the bonds and spreads the beautiful values of kindness.

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