Vietnamese Lunar New Year in the Eyes of International WASSers

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. It carries with it the beautiful cultural traditions that our ancestors have nurtured, preserved, and passed down through generations.

For every Vietnamese, Tet is both customary and sacred. It is familiar because Tet is like a door that connects the old year to the new year, a moment to close the past year and welcome the coming year with many wishes and hopes; and also because Tet is the most special occasion of the year when people from all walks of life will excitedly return home to gather and share joy.

Moreover, Tet also holds many sacred meanings when people come together to return to their homelands and express their gratitude to their ancestors, parents, and those who have raised and nurtured them. Especially for Vietnamese people living abroad, regardless of where they are, this is when they will experience a feeling of nostalgia for their homeland, where their grandparents, parents, and loved ones are eagerly awaiting their children to return home.

Lunar New Year is considered a precious cultural heritage of the Vietnamese people. So what does Tet mean to international students? Let’s hear about the thoughts and emotions of one of the International WASSers!  

“I am very impressed with the Lunar New Year in Vietnam because I have never seen Tet celebrated as lively as this in France. In addition to the time during Tet, I especially like the atmosphere at the end of the year, when everywhere is always bustling. I feel everyone is busy trying to finish up the work of the old year, cleaning, and decorating the house in preparation for the lunar new year. Although busy, everyone is excited, happy, and full of anticipation for the coming year.

Tet is also a time for my extended family to reunite and organize a trip together. Each trip is a memorable experience for the whole family. I remember last year, the whole family went camping near the house, and then ate delicious barbecue together.

I really like the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. The closer Tet approaches, the more I wish time would move faster so that Tet can arrive earlier.” – shared by Duong Vinh An Louis of Class 4H.

“As a foreigner in Vietnam, my experience of every Tet has varied significantly from that of my other Vietnamese friends born and raised in Vietnam. While my friends are excited to go back to the countryside to visit their families, my family is on the other side of the world and even there, people do not celebrate Tet. Living in Vietnam with a Chinese and English cultural background, my family celebrates Tet in a variety of ways that I think it will make you curious.

For me, Tet is a journey of packing my bags and exploring the fascinating coastal tourist destinations such as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, or Da Nang. These locations not only offer stunning natural beauty but also endless fun activities. Of course, it will be crowded there, but when is Vietnam not full of foreigners.

Therefore, Tet is an enjoyable holiday that offers unique experiences for both Vietnamese people and foreigners.” – shared by To Bao Lam of Class 5H.

“Today, I want to share my amazing experience during the Tet holiday with my Vietnamese relatives when I was in Year 3. Tet is not just a regular holiday but also a time for families to gather together and do fun things.

My Tet holiday in Vietnam, surrounded by my Vietnamese relatives, was wonderful. I learned about the special traditions, ate delicious food, and met friendly people. I’m really thankful because I got to be a part of it and share the fun with my relatives. Tet will always be a special memory from my time studying in Vietnam.” – shared by Ly Chan Khang of Class IWA-4A.

“For me, Tet is a wonderful time to reunite with family and create beautiful memories. Everyone puts aside the hustle and bustle of life and prepares to return to their parents and siblings to celebrate the new year. In addition, the reunion dinner on the eve of Tet is a momentous occasion, where generations gather to share a sumptuous feast and exchange warm wishes for the coming year.

Tet Holidays is not simply a festival with a long history and cultural heritage, but also a magical bridge that touches the hearts of everyone. The lovely and special aspects of Tet lie in its cultural richness, the significance of its rituals, family reunions, and warm community spirit.” – shared by Ella Maria Xuan Nygren of Class IWA-7A.

The School hopes that through the experiences shared by international WASSers, the entire WASS community will have a better understanding of the beauty of the traditional Tet holiday, so that together we can cherish and preserve this unique cultural heritage together.

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