The First Generation of WACE at WASS

In the 2021 – 2022 school year, the first generation of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) program’s students at WASS has officially graduated. It is an important milestone marking a great turning point in the teaching and learning process at WASS.

Over 11 years ago, the Western Australian International School System (WASS) was established with the aspiration and goal of offering a true, modern, and qualified education that nurtures traditional values as well as create generations of dynamic, creative, and integrated global citizens.

On that journey, WASS strives to innovate and improve our academics. We officially implemented many Baccalaureates programs which diversify the output standards, and help students easily choose their own learning and career pathways. And for WASS, the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) program is a significant important preparation which lays the foundation for the journey of knowledge discovery, skills improvement and characteristic building.

A warm and emotional Graduation Ceremony

The adventure of the past 2 years has come to an end. It’s also the beginning for a broader journey to new horizons of students at WASS. Graduation Ceremony is always the most important milestone, marking the growth of students and closing the nostalgic school days.

The 2021 – 2022 academic year became a proud milestone as WASS observed the very first generation of students who graduated the WACE program. This is a new starting point for WACE students’ journey to explore and conquer the world.

The pioneer generation of WACE students at WASS

The ceremony was held in a grand and warm atmosphere, bringing truly proud moments for the students, families, and school. The efforts and hard work of the first cohort of WACE students in the Western Australian school system were rightfully rewarded, especially with the challenges they have faced during their two-year WACE program and 12-year student journey.

An important ceremony marking the students’ growth

This is also a special time for students to express their gratitude to their parents and teachers, who have always accompanied and supported them wholeheartedly on their journey of self-discovery. The happy tears of parents show an immense sense of joy when they witness the first achievements of their children, as well as a sense of pride in seeing that they have grown into mature individuals who can confidently walk on their own path.

On a significant day, the presence of parents and teachers – the firm support of a child, cannot be absent

This is an important event and WASS is honored to welcome many esteemed guests. The presence of the Australian Deputy Consul-General, Executive Director and Principal Consultant of SCSA, along with department officials and leaders of top universities in the city, makes the graduation ceremony of WACE students more dignified and meaningful.

“This inaugural Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) graduating class is the work the Authority has taken with their teachers to review their teaching documentation. This includes items such as course outlines, assessment outlines, assessment tasks, marking keys, students assessment records and internal school comparability plans and ensured that your teachers were well supported in implementing the WACE program.” – Mrs. Juanita Healy, Executive Director – Curriculum, Assessment and Strategic Policy, Western Australian School Curriculum and Standard Authority (SCSA).

WASS is honored to welcome Mrs. Juanita Healy – SCSA Executive Director

Mr. Chestnutt, the Australian Deputy Consul-General, congratulated WACE students

“Remember to make a difference in everything you do and be committed citizens of your environment to contribute to improving the quality of life and to achieve your intellectual renewal.” – Mr. Gustavo Páez, the Principal of IWAP at WASS.

Mr. Gustavo Páez proudly gives the congratulatory speech for the WACE graduates

When “ordinary” things creates “extraordinary” outcomes

In celebration of the first cohort of WACE students graduated, WASS also beheld the first valedictorian of the WACE Program. Tran Minh Huy, class of WACE 12, shared insightful and emotional reflections on the past years and valuable lessons learned from the WACE program. This is a valuable journey for the students as they step into a bright future ahead.

“Keep in mind that many of the successful people that you look up to started their lives as average people, as just one of you and me. Despite the failures and mistakes we will make, and although we may be “average”, we find that the average can achieve greatness, whether recognised by the world, or just few, or just yourself. Remember that to “achieve greatness” is not to get money or reputation, it’s to leave those with whom you cross paths with a little more happiness and hope. When you leave this room today, don’t hesitate to achieve greatness. Again, congratulations to the Class of WACE 2022. We’ve all made it and we’ve all earned it. I wish you all the best on your lifelong journey.”

WACE Valedictorian Tran Minh Huy expresses emotions and sends gratitude to the school

The end of a journey – The beginning of a new future

The WACE 2022 Graduation ceremony marks the “culmination” of the 698-day journey filled with love and memories for the students in WASS. Despite two years of changes and online learning, WACE students never stopped striving, overcoming challenges and achieving their goals, and now they are holding the highly regarded Western Australia Certificate of Education, ready for a promising future.

A bright future awaits the generation of WACE Baccalaureate ahead

The Western Australian International School Systems (WASS) is proud to be one of only two schools in Vietnam to implement the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) program for grades 11 and 12, recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and approved by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). WASS has chosen a curriculum that has the ability to provide all the knowledge that a global citizen needs today to become competitive and meet the strong changes of the world.

The education program has high applicability and flexibility in teaching, combining practical experiences to maximize students’ creativity and critical thinking

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and essential skills to young people to meet the demands of work and life in today’s knowledge-based economy. The program’s subject groups revolve around 7 key skills aimed at creating confident, dynamic, creative and erudite student generations.

WASS focuses on developing problem-solving skills and international thinking

With comprehensive knowledge and skills, the WACE is recognized across Australia and by renowned universities worldwide. This is the key to unlocking opportunities and success for the first generation of WACE students in WASS.

The challenges are still ahead, but with meticulous and comprehensive preparation in knowledge and skills, the talented students of WACE will always be confident and strong to continue writing their dreams.


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