Ten years: One journey to discover the knowledge of the future

This school year 2020-2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment and development of the Western Australian School System. 10 years marked with many events and achievements in the journey of discovering knowledge, nurturing the dreams of many students and helping them to reach success of their future.

10 years ago, the Indochina International Education Development System (IED Group) officially established the Western Australian School System – a new brand that is expected to bring and combine a modern education system and nurture traditional values in order to educate talented young people. The Western Australian School System will foster character development, physical health, intellectual superiority, and develop knowledge in our students.

The Western Australian School System began with just 49 students in the first school year and has now become the home of nearly 2,500 students comprising many different nationalities, all studying at our 6 campuses located in District 3, District 10, and Binh Thanh District.

Over the past 10 years, the WASS community has been striving to create sustainable values and journey towards a modern and student-centred education, by committing to upholding the core values and enhancing educational standards. This is the reason that all seven core values become an integral theme in all actions and strategies of WASS.

  • Academic Excellence
  • International mindedness
  • Effective Communicators
  • Collaborative Community
  • Balance in life
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Fostering Leadership

The past 10 years ago have also marked a significant growth in terms of academics as The Western Australian School System has become officially recognized as an IB World School. Our school system has also become of only 13 international schools in Vietnam accredited to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, one of the only 2 schools in Vietnam allowed to offer the West Australian Certificate of Education program (WACE) and the one and only school in Vietnam allowed to apply the American Diploma Pathway (ADP) in teaching. These three pathway programs (IBDP, ADP, and WACE) will provide our students with the choice and opportunity to follow their dreams by selecting the most suitable senior secondary education course for their future.

In addition, during this 10 years journey, the WASS community has created positive values, helping students spread “kindness” and “empathy” to those experiencing difficulties through the “For the community”  charity, which is organised through many meaningful school activities such as Village Fair Markets, Piggybank raising, Peace Day, festivals and exhibitions during the school year.

10 years for a school is too short to summarize and evaluate, but also long enough for a brilliant start to our long journey. With these goals set out, the Western Australian School System will constantly innovate and improve to create an inspirational school environment, unleashing the potential potential of each student and energizing the students with the confidence to perform spectacular feat to reach their dreams.

Western Australian International School System

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Kindergarten Campus Dien Bien Phu
260 Dien Bien Phu St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist.3, HCMC
Kindergarten Campus Nguyen Huu Canh
35 Nguyen Huu Canh St., Ward. 22, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC
Primary School Campus
43 Nguyen Thong St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist.3, HCMC
International Campus
157 Ly Chinh Thang St., Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist.3, HCMC
Secondary and High School Campus
84 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St., Ward.9, Dist.3, HCMC

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