Students of grade 1,2,3 become farmers for the day to learn fitness

In the 2019 New Year field trip, Pre, 1, 2, 3 WASSers were immersed in nature at Green Noen Green Farm and experienced the life of real farmers.

The children experienced the process of growing and hand-picking mushrooms together. The children also had direct contact with animals such as goats, sheep and also handpicking grass for them to eat as well as experience the interesting process of milking cows. All of the students enjoyed delicious fresh pasteurized milk processed at the farm.

Later, students visited the orchid garden and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of rice fields and flower fields with cool fresh air. All the students were extremely excited and happy with good memories. The students later went down to the canal to catch fish when they were happy to play in the fields of colorful flowers.

The trip equipped the children with important skills to increase their curiosity to learn about the world around them. At the same time, helping small children to study agricultural production processes and discuss and launch creative inventions to contribute to improve and protect the environment.

With experiences gained outside the classroom and with the teacher’s guidance, it is hoped that the WASSers will discover their passion for Science and embark on a journey of creative ideas.

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