One Community Fair

Friday, 24/03/2023
08:00 AM - 17:00 PM

One Community Fair is a practical way for students to understand the values of generosity and empathy; make contributions and beautify the values of life. The money raised during the Fair will be donated to the Fund for Community at WASS – Empower Next Generation in order to spread love and goodwill with the community.


Over 2,500 students

Contents of programs

With the great human values that the Fair brings, WASS students and teachers were very excited to prepare their booths. The beautiful small souvenirs at the Fair were all made by WASSers with their skillful hands and creativity. Each canvas picture, each poem hat or each bracelet contains the love that the students want to convey and share with the community.

Summary of the program

With immense kindness, sympathy and sharing, WASS community has collected a total amount of VND 167,280,000 after this meaningful Fair. All this money will be used for four special projects to continue the unfinished dreams of disadvantaged children and people in Na Co Sa commune, Nam Po district, Dien Bien province.

Western Australian International School System

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