“The April Promise” of WASS

Pink Shirt Day happens as the time people together do something to fight against school violence and bullying around the world. It is also an opportunity for the WASS community to spread the message “NO VIOLENCE and BULLYING AT SCHOOL” throughout diverse activities.

WASS campuses were covered with pink in April. WASSers together dressed the cute pink shirt up, gave warm hugs to each other and showed the spirit of Pink Day with their hand-prints. The message of this year was “We are friends – Be nice to each other, not bullying”. 

April is always special for every WASS member. It is the time that “promises” come true through the smallest actions, express the friendship, sharing, and together create a healthy and solidary educational environment.

WASSers also have their own feelings and emotions about school violence and bullying as well as meaningful Pink Shirt Day.

“Violence and bullying will make others afraid, they do not want to go to school, leading to negative consequences on learning performance. The students who bully will also be isolated by friends, no one dares to play with. Thus, the bully will also become “victim” of their own violent behavior.

We should not only protect those who suffer from school violence, but it is also necessary to find out the causes, listen, empathize and give the bully advice. Others should not join in isolating, because this action is also a kind of bullying. Let’s accept and forgive as long as they change in positive ways.

I hope that we can go to school every day to learn and play together in a friendly and fun environment. No one will become “victim” or “perpetrator” of school violence and bullying.” – sharing from Ngo Hoang Duy, class 3J.


“I am really happy and have had many memorable experiences in the last few months at WASS. Moreover, there are many meaningful lessons that Pink Day gave me.

Trần Mỹ Nhân Tâm 12A

I hope the messages that WASS community spreads on Pink Day will contribute to eliminating the problem of school violence, and creating a healthy, positive and loving learning environment. I believe that WASS will be the second home where there are many dedicated teachers, friendly and solidarity friends to help each other. I am very proud to be a part of the lovely WASS community.” – WASSer Tran My Nhan Tam, class 12A.


“Let’s raise your voice for personal life and community. The promise of WASS students and teachers is NO BULLYING AT SCHOOL. We together create a better learning environment for all students. As a result, we can foster our souls, empathize and share with community.

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all WASS community for joining anti-bullying campaign and holding a meaningful Pink Day.” – Nguyen Ngoc Kim Quyen, class 9B.

“My class has had many interesting experiences on Pink Day. We all wore pink shirts and contributed to the school’s charity fund. Moreover, I listened to many meaningful messages about anti-bullying, respecting differences in personality, interests, and being friendly with others. I promise to always love, unite and be corporate with all members in my class.” – WASSer Nguyen Minh Minh, class 5B.

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