Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to welcome the Parents and Students to the September E-Newsletter of the Western Australian School System. We have spent the first month of the school year 2021-2022 with a lot of attempts and efforts from teachers and all WASSers.

After a month of learning, WASS hopes that we have gradually adapted to online learning. All of us have unanimously and actively implemented the motto “Stop going to school, but don’t stop learning”. Through carefully prepared lectures, the teachers have constantly been innovating to be more relevant to current teaching conditions. The teachers have tried and given their best with love for the children and enthusiasm for the teaching profession. They have made constant interactions and connections with parents and students. Along with the understanding and cooperation of parents, together we create interesting, useful and quality online lessons for the students.

The school is also very happy that the students have been participating in classes every day and we have received a lot of positive feedback such as: “I would love to go to class early to talk to you”, “Teacher, you teach very interesting computer operations”, “This game is so much fun!” or “I really like this Science lesson, it’s very good!” When a network problem occurs, the students quickly ask for the support of their parents because they are worried that they will miss the good content of the lesson. They were also concerned about their teachers, asked questions about their teachers and reminded them to take care of their health. The school is very proud that the students have begun to understand the need for online learning and are always trying to complete the most necessary tasks. That has been the motivation for the Board of Principals and all teachers at WASS to make efforts to build more meaningful and interesting lessons, and many other activities taking place online, to help students have more opportunities to learn with positive energy.

This September is also the time to mark two interesting activities of WASS: World Peace Day on September 21 and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although we could not directly participate in these two annual holidays, as usual, WASS is happy that the students have responded and actively participated in these activities and challenges for Peace Day.

WASS understands that change will sometimes be difficult but it will be an opportunity to make a breakthrough. That is the motivation for the Board of Directors, together with all the teachers at WASS, to constantly think and innovate to find the most suitable directions, bringing the best educational effectiveness in the current context. Once again, the Board of Principals would like to send our sincerest thanks to all the Teachers and Parents who have been with and supported the School over the past month. Hopefully, the WASS family will continue as a big ship, to overcome the big waves and create the best conditions for students to conquer the sea of ​​knowledge out there!

The Board of Principals of WASS

Western Australian International School System

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