Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students of the Western Australian School System,

Last March, with the students’ academic efforts, the school was always proud of their academic achievements and congratulated the WASSers in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 for their excellent performance in the annual NAPLAN exam, marking a challenging learning process and self-affirmation. In addition, the students’ active participation in a series of activities and contests was an effort worth acknowledging and being proud of.

With the goal of creating a foundation for the comprehensive development of students’ skills and providing diverse learning experiences, WASS implemented many beneficial activities in March. Among them, the Book Week is a regular activity organized to help WASSers develop the habit and passion for reading books and encourage them to continue learning and exploring the world through words.

On International Women’s Day, with the theme “Be Proud, Wear the Crown,” WASS organized many meaningful activities to honor the contributions of women, such as a presentation competition about influential women or designing flowers and cards to express gratitude to outstanding women who are always by their side.

Furthermore, aiming to provide guidance for students in grades 9 – 12 who are about to enter university, the Western Australian School System (WASS) cooperated with Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City to organize a specialized seminar and school visit. Through this activity, students had the opportunity to participate in the operational experience at the Faculty of Hotel and Hospitality Management and the Department of Design-Arts, which contributed to the most thorough preparation for the students to be ready for university.

In particular, the fundraising fair “One Community Fair” has attracted a significant contribution from WASSers. The entire amount raised from the fair will be used for two projects, “Mang tri thuc den vung cao bien gioi” and “Cau noi yeu thuong” in Na Co Sa commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province. This meaningful gift will help empower children and people in difficult circumstances across the country.

In the coming months, WASS will continue to implement artistic, sporting, and community activities. At the same time, students will actively review and systematize their knowledge to prepare for the midterm exams of Semester II. It is believed that with the efforts, creativity, and innovation of all members of the WASS community, students will excellently complete the plans for Semester II of the 2022-2023 school year, thereby nurturing their personality and building a cooperative and superior community.

Wishing parents and students health and good things in life.

With best regards,

The Board of Principals of WASS

Western Australian International School System

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