[Humans of WASS] – My favorite subject

Among the diverse subjects studied at WASS, each subject brings about useful knowledge, evoking its own passion and interest. Let’s see what WASSers share about their favorite subject.

Ever since childhood, technology has been occupying the majority of my mind. I am always fascinated by the latest scientific or technological innovations. In fact, my goal in life is to be able to contribute to the advancement of the tech industries. Applied Information Technologies, AIT, caught my interest as soon as I knew about it. I like most about the logic behind every design and usually find myself admiring the attention to detail. Through AIT, I got to know a lot about how a computer functions and how I can build my own computer. Scientific advancement has led to computers taking over human work. This means that, in the near future, people who know how to use the computer are the only ones that are getting jobs. It is crucial that students learn how to code, program, and build a computer now if they want their future to be easy.

AIT is a very challenging subject, it engages the students to activate their critical thinking and attention to detail. WACE students taking this subject or are going to take it should be prepared for the upcoming challenges as well as the joy and the expansion in their knowledge.

Tran Quang Bao – WACE 11

I would say English B is a very interesting subject, not only most of my fellow classmates find it easier to achieve a high score but it also requires a lot of fun activities such as learning about social studies, history, and the art of theatre through literature pieces. Since English B is a quite simple subject, we have enough spare time to discuss and learn beyond the background information of modern literature. Moreover, the aim of English B is that we can communicate with other people about world concerns including human rights, gender equality, leadership, and globalization. Our teacher- Mr.Brett is very knowledgeable, he is the reason why his classes are more lively than others.

The most crucial advice I will suggest for future IB students is to prepare for loads of sleepless weekends if you don’t have good time-management skills (like me) since we always have at least one essay for each weekend. Secondly, don’t procrastinate because this is an easy subject, we should finish it quickly to complete other subjects too. Lastly, engagement skills. This subject is to improve our communication skills in English, try to discuss with classmates and teachers more often!

Julie – IBDP

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