How to receive wonderful scholarship with WASSer

When the rain is falling in the hot atmosphere of the last days of June, Y12 students are busy preparing the final steps for the most important exams in their studenthood.


WASS students are no exception. The maximum effort and endeavor toward the best results after 12 years of learning. With the outstanding knowledge and talents, WASSers gradually reach their first wonderful achievements. Scholarships from universities around the world are the recognition and achievements that you absolutely deserve.

WASSer Le Dang My Linh, Grade 12 student at WASS, has received the prestigious scholarships from both domestic and international universities. My Linh will share some “tips” to successfully reach those scholarships.

“After 5 years learning at WASS, I have to start a new chapter of my life, and embark on my own journey, a new adventure called University. I spent a lot of time finding the university that fits my passionate career pathway. Fortunately, I found the new one for me, even more amazing when I received the scholarships from this university.

At the present, hunting scholarships is the goal of many people and the suitability is the prerequisite. The scholarship needs to match your interests, experiences and personal targets. Moreover, there are some important notes.”

“Firstly, we have to be proactive in finding the scholarship’s information. University’s website is the most reliable source of information. You can access all information about major, entrance exam, required certificates as well as the minimum requirements to apply for scholarships. Moreover, we can also refer to other educational blogs or websites, and ask advice from senior students. Each university has its own requirements, and our profile must be prepared carefully.”

Secondly, we have to clarify the major that we want to study. And then we can consider the universities which have those majors. The more famous the university is, the more prestigious the scholarships are. The proactive find and update information will bring many advantages. Planning yourselves early and striving for earning a good GPA are also essential. Furthermore, most scholarships require English certificates such as IELTS or TOEIC. Therefore, we must really seriously invest in language learning in order to meet the scholarship requirements.

Finally, applying for scholarships takes a bunch of time and effort. It requires endeavor and incredible perseverance to successfully get them. Hopefully those tips will partly support you to get orientation and success in scholarship application.” –  sharing from Le Dang My Linh, Grade 12 student.

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