“Embrace Flexibility and Innovation”

Flexible improvisation in order to adapt to new circumstances is a key for development in a current volatile and constantly changing world.

Over the past 2 years, the whole world and especially our WASS community has continuously changed, and improved to adapt to complicated situations in both learning and life. Flexible methods for a new world are becoming top prioritized.

Aiming to “Ideas worth spreading”, TEDxYouth@WASS is an opportunity for WASSers to stay together, exchange and share their own experiences. With the topic “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation”, this year’s event is an occasion for students representing GenZ to raise their voices on the most concerning issue in this recent time.

So, how can WASSers “embrace flexibility and innovation”? Let’s look at the sharing from …, one of the nine best “Speakers” at WASS has passed the School Round and advanced to the Final Round of TEDxYouth@WASS 2022, to see how … has prepared and planned for the upcoming Final Round!

“For me, attending TEDxYouth@WASS is a totally new experience. This year’s theme is ‘Embrace Flexibility and Innovation’, which excites me tremendously. When we were in the middle of a pandemic a year ago, we studied online instead of going to school, and with more adaptability and being updated seems to be quite essential, it’s simpler to use innovative tools like online meetings and social media conversations. Therefore, having flexibility will improve things and make them simpler to utilize in our daily lives.”

“I spent a lot of time preparing and putting out my best effort for the school round. My topic was ‘Happiness comes from simple things’. To begin with, I was questioning myself about what happiness is, memorizing events that made me realize it and taking notes about simple things that had made me happy. For instance, I just reconnected with my friends after a long time. It’s simple but it makes me feel good.”

I was surprised and glad to hear that I would be qualified to attend the official event. For preparation, I have practiced my public speaking skills after school, and my mentor has given me guidance for my PowerPoint presentation, telling me what I need to change and correcting some minor mistakes. I practice by reading my speech over and over again, and speaking individually whenever I have free time. I am a little nervous, but I am grateful to have teachers and friends who have always guided and supported me. I hope that by participating in this TED event, I will be able to share my message of happiness and show people that being happy is simple.” – sharing from Nguyen Hoang Nam Phuong, WASSer 10A.

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