A special “back-to-school” at WASS

“After a long time meeting each other online, we had the opportunity to meet directly. This makes the joy of learning indescribable.” – sharing from Tehrany Nguyen Jennifer 4H

On February 14th, all students at WASS community officially returned after a long time staying at home for online-study and meeting each other through the screens.

WASS became much more exciting and bustling when welcoming WASSers from Kindergarten, Primary, and Grade 6 after 9 months of social distancing. Particularly, it was the “first school day” of Grade 1 students. WASSers would have many different emotions when they returned after a long period of homeschooling, it could be eager, excited, a little bit nervous, or confused. However, there is definitely joy and excitement when students can meet their friends, teachers and look forward to experiencing new challenges as well as journeys ahead.

Let’s check out the sharing of WASSers about their feelings in the special “back-to-school” at WASS!

“Direct learning at school is my greatest joy because I can meet my friends and teachers. At school, I will be much more receptive to lessons, and have many great memories. Hope the pandemic will not destroy my little dream. I promise myself that I will always have a sense of hygiene, wear a mask, and wash my hands regularly to protect my health and others.” – WASSer Nguyen Vuong Hoang Tuan, 4B.

“On the first day at school, we attended many activities. On handwritten scraps of paper, we shared our joys, excitements, as well as unprepared emotions after a long time learning at home. I feel that direct learning at school is much more fun. Every day, I go to school early. It’s been a long time since I wore this familiar uniform. School is my second home. I hope you all pick up the pace, study well and stay safe to continue our class.” – WASSer Tehrany Nguyen Jennifer, 4B.

“I feel very excited to be back at school. I was really impressed with the library, because it is very large and has many books. In my opinion, this is a great educational environment. I hope we will understand each other better, and study together well.” – WASSer Le Huynh Phuong Anh, 4E

“I am really happy and excited because after many days looking at friends and teachers on the computer screen, I can meet everyone in person at school. Hopefully we can study at school until the end of semester.” – WASSer Kieu Truc Lam, 5A

“I am really happy when I can meet my friends and teachers. Direct learning is a bit difficult, but it’s much more fun with a lot of practice.” – WASSer Nguyen Quynh Nhu, 4B.

“We had to use computers at all times when learning online. At school, my friends are really friendly. I am really excited.” – WASSer Le Nguyen Khanh Linh.

“I still remember my joy and excitement when I heard my teacher announce that we can be back at school. The day I went back, even though I had to wear a mask, I was still very happy to meet my friends and teachers, whom I could only see through the screen before. The first week back to school was a time of many great memories for me. It’s like a reminder that I need to try studying well so that those memories will always be beautiful.” – sharing from WASSer Nguyen Kim Ngan, 4H

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