A happy Mid – Autumn festival at home

With the spirit of Happy Mid-Autumn at Home, a very special Mid-Autumn Festival is knocking on every house of the WASS community!

At WASS, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most awaited occasions of all students. When they have a chance to play, have fun with many folk games, or simply receive colorful gifts such as lanterns and masks… also enjoy delicious mooncakes with their families.

This year is the very first year the students at WASS have to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together through the tiny monitor. Although activities are limited due to the pandemic, that cannot prevent WASSers from welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival and their feeling of anticipation for this special day.

“Another Mid-Autumn Festival has come, I am very pleased and excited because the Mid-Autumn Festival held at WASS is always fun.” – Le Minh Huan – 5B

This year, a mid-autumn festival is “no distance” because WASSers can still participate in activities to learn more about the meaning and beauty of this special festival.

“This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is very different from previous years. We cannot make moon cakes together, watch the lion dance at school, but celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in an online class. The online Mid-Autumn Festival is just as fun as at school. My teacher told us a very interesting story about Uncle Cuoi in the Moon Palace. She also guided us to make colorful paper lanterns.”

Le Minh Huan – 5B

As in previous years, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a very special day at WASS, with a series of events for students to connect, exchange and experience the unique culture of Vietnam.

“My favorite activity on the full moon night of August is to join in the lantern parade with my friends and watch the Lion Dance together. I always reminisce about the atmosphere and never forget the images and sounds of the Mid-Autumn Festival at WASS.” 

Nguyen Tran An Nhien – 6A

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, this series of events “turned into” online games with classmates, making paper lanterns…at home, but Mid-Autumn Festival is even more special when students have more time with family and enjoy the sweet taste of the mooncakes.

“I feel very fortunate to be a student of WASS. Although all of my friends and I have to stay home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mid-Autumn Festival cannot lose its meaning since my school held a special Mid-Autumn Festival through the online platform. The teachers tried to create interesting activities in my online class so I had a happy time. Most importantly, through such a special Mid-Autumn Festival, I can see the devotion of the school and the teachers to give the little joys to all the students.”

Nguyen Tran An Nhien – 6A

“WASS Kindergarten teachers have devoted all their love to preparing the online Mid-Autumn Festival activity. Making it fun and a perfect special gift to the little angels during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival night was wonderful with the appearance of Uncle Cuoi Bamboo and Molly the Moon lady. Together they tell the story of “The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival” giving the children meaningful lessons. Through the small screen, I can see the smiles and round innocent eyes of the children when meeting their teachers and friends again. I feel very proud when the little angels are always polite, maintain a strong sense of learning, are very obedient and very commendable. The beautiful and creative lantern of the students was completed under the guidance of the teachers and the support of their parents. The skillful little hands put all their love into each lantern. 

Regardless of the form of organization, the Mid-Autumn Festival is still a full and warm night. The Mid-Autumn Festival of WASS Kindergarten ends with good wishes. I hope that the epidemic will soon be over so that I can see my students again in the near future.” 

Ms. Le Thi Anh Tuyet – Kindergarten teacher.

WASS wishes you and your family a safe and happy full moon season. Wishing the WASS community a Mid-Autumn Festival filled with beautiful memories with families!

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