Cooking class: And the Award for Best Little Chef goes to…

Certainly, we are familiar with the role-play activities in preschool classes, where children would try to be a part of family life. At WASS, this imitation is not limited to fun games and mini tools; our little friends would become real chefs at the cooking lessons.

WASS creates a warm kitchen atmosphere with a full range of cooking utensils to help little WASSers gain the first-hand experience and create delicious dishes and to understand the importance of the practical leaning.

Cooking is one of the skills that children need to learn at the young ages. Not only does this activity help our youngsters get accustomed to cooking but it also fortifies other skills of children. During the lessons, the children are explained to and instructed about the names, uses, and usages of familiar kitchen utensils. Such lessons are organized in the form of group activities where each child is exposed to every step of cooking: preparing utensils, preparing ingredients and making food. Through this learning process, children would establish and expand certain cooking skills: teamwork and coordination, negotiating, task division and completion.

One thing is for certain: Cooking class shall never be boring to children as they are always fascinated by the aroma, the vibrancy of the ingredients and the appealing dishes they have created. After school, the kids get to enjoy their own food, and perhaps those simple dishes will taste much better than any other dishes out there.

Cooking lessons at WASS are always packed with countless amusing things that arouse the curiosity within little kids. Therefore, children’s knowledge and living skills are formed and strengthened in a natural and exciting way. WASS teachers believe that after attending such interesting lessons, the kids will feel more in love with the kitchen corner and Mom’s dishes. The girls will be more resourceful and the boys will be more skillful; surely they will be very helpful when joining their Mom in the kitchen!

Ms. Nguyen Thi Luyen – Kindergarten teacher

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