CIS Accreditation Visit: Affirmation of Outstanding Education Values at WASS

From November 27 to December 01, 2023, WASS was honored to welcome the Council of International Schools (CIS) representatives in order to conduct an on-site evaluation at WASS to assess our ongoing activities.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) stands as the foremost authority in accrediting and recognizing schools that adhere to rigorous international standards, ensuring their reliability and excellence.

This visit holds profound significance and serves as a pivotal factor in the preparatory evaluation process, thereby propelling the institution toward the subsequent phases aimed at securing full accreditation of CIS as well as affirming the School’s position in both the domestic and international education field. Excellent academic programs at WASS are a core value for nurturing students to become integrity-driven global citizens who contribute positively to society in today’s globalized world.

In this accreditation visit, CIS representatives conducted quality assessment, accreditation and orientation meeting meetings with the school leadership, the governing body and the board. In addition, CIS also observed classes and the operation process, visited facilities, met parent and student representatives, and directly interviewed teachers and staff at WASS. This was an important basis for the accreditation team to comprehensively research, evaluate and examine the quality of our teaching, strategic orientation, learning environment, policies, staffing and management capabilities at WASS based on CIS general standards and regulations.

Following the inspection, CIS members expressed their satisfaction and saw much positive praise on WASS community in our efforts to improve teaching quality, learning environment and operation management. CIS representatives also expressed their impression after talking and interviewing students. WASSers demonstrated their confidence and excellent communication skills to frankly express their personal views and opinions about learning activities and experiences at school.

The successful CIS accreditation visit once again affirmed the outstanding academic values and world-class educational environment at WASS. This is an important foundation for WASS to complete the accreditation process and achieve comprehensive recognition from the world’s leading educational management unit, thereby realizing the aspiration to reach out and be confident in the quality of education and integration in the new era.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a world’s leading educational accreditation organization with demanding criteria and standards for internationally recognized schools.

The CIS community includes 740 schools and 620 colleges/universities, representing 122 countries all over the world. Out of 20,000 educational institutions in Vietnam, only 37 campuses have passed rigorous testing on academic value, learning environment as well as compliance with general standards and regulations for education in order to be recognized as CIS members.

In December 2021, WASS achieved full membership status, after successfully completing a rigorous evaluation process and meeting CIS Accreditation Standards across the following 20 core standards in 8 domains:

  • School Purpose and Direction
  • Governance, Leadership, and Ownership
  • The Curriculum
  • Teaching and Assessing for Learning
  • Student Well-Being
  • Staffing
  • Premises & Facilities
  • Community & Home Partnerships

Western Australian International School System

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