AP Certification

Advanced Placement (AP) is an examination for high school students. It is held by the USA College Board which organizes international exams such as SAT and TOEFL. Studying the AP program is very popular at American high schools. AP courses have equivalent content to basic subjects taught in the first university year in many countries around the world. Unlike TOEFL or SAT which often enables students to undertake short-term preparation programs with several exam periods within a year, the AP courses are taught continuously for 12 months and there’s only one examination which is held every May.

Benefits of the AP program

For those students who are academically strong, the AP program offers a great path leading to entrance in community colleges and universities. At the same time the AP program has the advantage of saving a lot of time and money. High AP marks will help a student’s resume stand-out, because it demonstrates a student’s seriousness and academic competency. Most American students usually study an average of two to three AP subjects per year. Preparation for AP examinations are open to both international students and students in the United States. According to the College Board, 85% of US community colleges and universities give preference to receiving students who have gained AP scores.

Today more than 3,600 schools (mostly in the US and Canada) accept students who have satisfactory AP points. In addition students are usually given credits for AP subjects that they have passed and so may be able to go directly to second year studies in these subjects. It not only helps freshmen reduce pressure but also saves time and can reduce the overall cost of fees.

In 2017 – 2018, the Western Australian International School System will implement the AP program in accordance with the College Board’s requirements. The following subjects will be offered:

  1. English Language and Composition
  2. German Language and Culture
  3. Macroeconomics
  4. Calculus AB
  5. Human Geography
  6. Chemistry

An Advanced Placement Certificate will be automatically issued to students who successfully participate in AP exams and courses at high schools.

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