A Memorable Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

Teachers of Western Australian International School System together experienced unforgettable moments on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, November 20, 2023 in general, and during a special appreciation ceremony with the theme “Once Upon a Time” in particular.

November is a special occasion for students to express their love and gratitude to their teachers. On the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on November 20, WASS Secondary School students joined together to create a colorful wall of wall posters to show their appreciation to beloved teachers – those who have always guided and imparted valuable lessons on their journey to maturity.

In addition, the teachers were extremely grateful to receive many meaningful wishes from the students and parents. This serves as a significant source of motivation, providing the teachers with added confidence and strength to continue accompanying the students on their educational journey.

The emotions on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day became even more overwhelming as the teachers came together for an appreciation party with the theme “Once Upon a Time,” held on November 20, 2023. It seems like fairy tales are only associated with students, but at this gratitude party, the teachers became representative characters in the fairy tales of everyday life, using their special “magic” to plant the seeds of knowledge for generations of students.

Different from the usual appearance associated with their beloved uniforms, the teachers appeared as adorable Snow White princesses, handsome princes, or gentle fairies, and together they brought performances and special competitions. The party became even more meaningful as WASS teachers were honored with numerous awards in the “Talented Teachers” competition, specifically:

  • Third Prize and WASS Most Popular Video at WASS: Support Department –  43 Nguyen Thong Campus
  • New Innovation Prize: Ms. Huynh Phuong Nhi – Homeroom teacher of WACE12.
  • Creative Prize: Ms. Le Thi Minh Hang – Primary School teacher and Ms. Bui Hong Hanh – Kindergarten teacher.
  • Third Prize: Ms. Le Thi Tu Nhi – Lab teacher.
  • Consolation Prize: Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong – High School teacher.
  • Consolation Prize: Ms. Do Pham Nhu Y – Music teacher.
  • Consolation Prize: Ms. Doan Thi Loan – Primary School teacher.

The “Talented Teachers” competition was organized to provide an opportunity for teachers to showcase their talents and creative abilities in developing supplementary tools for teaching and learning activities, thereby innovating teaching methods and enhancing a spirit of creativity in educational programs. WASS hopes that teachers will continue to maintain their passion and achieve even more success in their educational careers.

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