The “Under the Moon Light” Mid-Autumn Festival of WASS

All WASS campuses were filled with a vibrant, joyful atmosphere during one of the most anticipated events of the year for WASSers.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with the theme “Under the Moon Light” brings  WASSers and teachers a lot of interesting, exciting but equally meaningful activities.

The students learned more about the meaning and beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival, transformed into fairy characters with traditional costumes, and joined friends to participate in special activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival such as making lanterns, making moon cakes, watching lion dances, or folk games such as blind man’s bluff, dragons and snakes, bamboo dancing, …

Through interesting activities, WASS wants to convey the full message and meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival to students. Thereby, the WASSers learn and love the traditional cultural beauty of the nation.

More specifically, this is an opportunity for the whole WASS community to gather, share stories, enjoy sweet cakes, and build fond memories under the full moon.

The Western Australian School System wishes all parents, teachers, staff and students a warm, happy, and full of joy Mid-Autumn Festival.

We hope that you have had a really fun, comfortable time, and kept memorable memories under the roof of WASS. 

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