The memorable and meaningful Christmas at WASS

Christmas is the season of sharing and filled with love. WASS community also organizes many meaningful and humane activities to spread warmth and bring a peaceful Christmas to everyone.

In the beautiful memory of each of us, Christmas always leaves special memories. In the shimmering and colorful space of the streets, mixed with the bustling atmosphere of the most awaited festival of the year, there are still moments of anxiety and silence of the less fortunate.

Christmas at WASS is not just about joyful activities, it is also an opportunity for students and teachers to understand more about the values of sharing and empathy, thereby paying more attention and respect. with what I have. The Christmas Market with the theme “A December to Remember” at WASS organized many meaningful and humane activities for WASS community to create together a memorable December, spreading more warmth. during this Christmas season.

Let’s hear from the teachers at WASS about this special and meaningful Christmas Market!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill. Giving becomes more meaningful than ever when it is expressed through meaningful activities. With that goal in mind, WASS organized a meaningful Christmas Market and all profits will go to the Empowered Next Generation Community Fundraising. I am very happy to be able to join and join my dear students to contribute to this wonderful activity.

Although the Christmas Market took place during the busy days of December, we did not get tired; on the contrary, the preparation for the fair has brought back memories and memorable experiences. Together with students, we decorated the booth with our own hands, prepared materials and made handmade items to sell to raise funds. Keychains, bookmarks, notebooks, souvenirs… are completed with affection, meticulousness and wishes. We are proud and glad that our efforts have produced lovely, cute and colorful products.

When participating in the market, looking at the excited eyes and smiles of the students when choosing the products, we forgot all the fatigue. The best part is that the items are sold out in a very short time. Perhaps the greatest value is not in the perfection of the item, but in the meaning and love that is put into it. The students felt and appreciated them, above all, understood the values that the Fair brought.

Another Christmas season has come, while most people are full of happiness and warmth, there are still many difficult situations in life. The Christmas market at WASS and the Empowered Next Generation Community Fundraising contributed to lighting up the warm fire of humanity, teaching students to share, empathize and live for the community. Believing that the above activity will be a memorable mark, a bright color of the journey to conquer life and contribute to nurturing the beautiful souls of each member of the WASS family.” – Mr. Nguyen Minh Duong, Class 12A Homeroom teacher.

“Every December, the Christmas atmosphere permeates every classroom. With the aim of educating students about the spirit of sharing, giving and receiving, the Christmas Market was organized to contribute to the Empowered Next Generation Community Fundraising. During the market, teachers and students together prepared handmade items and Christmas souvenirs.

When the students learned that the market was held for charity purposes, they were very excited to participate. The cute little cards and bookmarks with a Christmas atmosphere were meticulously prepared by the children. Lovely gifts not only bring students joy on Christmas but also an opportunity to help them spread their love and happiness to those less fortunate. They have the opportunity to become stall owners, show their talent in “marketing” the unique items that they have made to the students in the school.

To me, this is a very meaningful activity. It gives students joy, connects individuals when doing something meaningful together. Hopefully, through this market, WASSers will understand more about the meaning of sharing, love and solidarity. As a homeroom teacher, I am delighted to see my students have memorable experiences. Hopefully, through each activity, they will become more mature, kind and loving to everyone around them.

Wishing all teachers, staff and students at WASS a peaceful, warm and loving Christmas!” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Class 8A Homeroom teacher.

Along with the bustling atmosphere of Christmas this year, the teachers at WASS and myself have started to prepare before the Christmas Festival at the campus. The first step, together with the teachers, we held a meeting and planned the decoration of the booth, started to come up with ideas, design the brand logo for each product and then deploy it to the students so that they can decorate the booth. After that, teachers and students carried out manual work, making each product according to beautiful designs and decorations, full of eye-catching colors. Join the Christmas Market, Grade 6’s stalls with more than 100 products of all kinds such as: Christmas cards, Santa Claus keychains, Christmas trees, secret gift boxes, Christmas greetings,…

When the market started, all students gathered in front of the booth to buy the products that they contributed their efforts to, carrying the message of contributing to Community Fundraising – Empowered Next Generation helps children in difficult circumstances. In only about 30 minutes of the stall opening, more than 100 products were sold out. The indescribable feelings of the teachers are the appreciation of the product and the meaning of the activity. It is the activity that has linked the teacher-student relationship and the solidarity of the students, where students and teachers at WASS together created products that are meaningful for the community and bring practical value.

With the spirit of creativity and dynamism in activities, the teachers and students at WASS together have created a memorable Christmas season 2022, filled with laughter and lots of happiness and peace for everyone.” – Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong, the Science teacher.

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