The art of teaching your children to care and share

The end of the year is the time to bring more loving and warm memories to the family. Every Christmas will bring more loving and warm memories to the family. During this time, WASS would like to suggest to parents ways to help students understand more about caring and sharing.

Understanding other people’s feelings will help students have a more empathetic view. A child who lacks emotions and does not know how to show love. Not only do they have difficulty integrating into the community, but also affect the process of studying and working. Therefore, parents need to have the art of teaching their children from an early age so that children can love and care for others.

According to psychologist Dr. Anne Wien (York University, Toronto), “care” is an important factor for children to maintain relationships later.

Here are some suggestions for parents to help their children develop love and sharing:

Be an example of positive action:

The family environment is extremely important for the development of students. Besides education from school, family and parents are role models for children to learn. So, show love and respect to people and explain clearly so that the children know what those actions mean.

Guide children to understand and think for others

Understanding and agreeing is the emotional basis for caring for people. Parents should educate their children with meaningful stories, books, or movies with high educational value. Besides, parents can guide their children to reflect on people who have been going through life events, suggesting ways to help them. These actions will gradually form children’s love, concern and sympathy for people.

Signs without words

At a playground or park, find a quiet place where you and your child can sit quietly and observe everyone. Parents can play a game of guessing other people’s feelings and why. For example: “Did you see that man? He was walking fast, his shoulders hunched and his face scowling. I think he’s mad at something.”

Parents may think that it will be difficult for children to recognize other people’s emotions through actions, but just try it, sometimes parents will be surprised at the “sensitivity” of their child. Teaching children to predict emotions will help them be able to perceive the attitudes or feelings of others and help them behave appropriately in the future.

Parents should always spend a lot of time accompanying and teaching their children. This will help them become happy, kind, loving, sharing, caring and helpful children.

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