Summer Study abroad


5,5 weeks – for students from ages 11 – 18

Known as one of the countries with one of the world’s leading education system. This diverse Canadian school system’s facilities are the most modern in the world. This country is a good learning environment for international students. Experiencing summer in Canada – America is the best way for your child to learn English.


Student achievements:

Improve their
integrated English skills
Learn about
Canada and America
Become independent and
have good memories

An opportunity to witness the world’s leading education system at Niagara College

Niagara College located in the Niagara Falls area which is famous all over the world. It takes 1 hour to drive to the City of Toronto and 45 minutes to get to Buffalo, New York. Niagara College is classified as a safe environment to learn and live in Ontario. For 45 years, Niagara College has been deemed as one of the most powerful and developing colleges in the Canadian colleges system. Out of the 24 colleges in the Ontario area, Niagara College has been voted as the College where students prefer to study most over the past 6 years. Each year, the College recruits over 10.000 students including 1.000 international students who come from over 70 countries. They come to Niagara to experience modern technology and complete their intellectual dream, as well as begin their future careers.

niagara college niagara fall

There are 2 campuses: Niagara-on-the-lake and Welland. Welland is the most beautiful campus sitting on 100 acres of green space in the heart of a safe and attractive community, where students will have great time during the 5.5 weeks.

20 hours to learn English and extracurricular activities

program structure


  • Daytrip to Toronto – Canada’s crowded Capital.
  • Niagara Falls trips to discover the strongest falls in Northern America – one of the beautiful symbols of Canada.
  • Visit Crystal Beach – “crystal clear water” of Buffalo.
  • Play in Wonderland – a remarkably famous place in Amarillo USA.
  • Tour around New York City and witness amazing structures such as The Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Centre, Chinatown, Central Park, and take a Habour Boat Cruise.

Summer Camp schedule:

WEEK 1 Morning Opening Ceremony and Flight to Canada Free time with Homestay Family Orientation and ESL Testing Celebrate Canada Day Day trip to Toronto Free time with Homestay Family
Afternoon Lunch and activity with ESL Students w/Island Campfire
WEEK 2 Morning Art in the Park ESL ESL Acting Workshop ESL Niagara Falls Trips Free time with Homestay Family
Afternoon Acting Club Coffee Meet & Great Learning Common Horseback Riding
WEEK 3 Morning ESL ESL Canoeing on the Canal Wild Waterworks ESL Day Trip to Crystal Beach Free time with Homestay Family
Afternoon Volley Ball Athletic Centre Acting Club Shopping @ Outlet Collection at Niagara
WEEK 4 Morning ESL ESL ESL ESL ESL Wonderland Free time with Homestay Family
Afternoon Badminton Athletic Centre Acting Club Pick-up soccer Back field (Behind Mackenzie) Hiking
WEEK 5 Morning ESL ESL ESL ESL Closing Ceremony Goodbye BBQ New York Tour (Times Square, The Empire State building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty & Harbour Boat Cruise, Chinatown and Little Italy)
Afternoon Dodge ball Athletic Centre Outdoor Movie Dream Catcher Workshop Basketball Athletic Centre
WEEK 6 Morning School tour in New York City New York Tour (Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building, SOHO, Greenwich Village and Fifth Avenue) New York Tour (Manhattan, Outlet Mall)
Afternoon Flight to Vietnam

You can download further details on the program at the following link: Summer Camp 2016Sample ScheduleLiving at Niagara

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