STEAM WASS excellently achieved rewards in International Robotacon (WRO – 2017)

STEAM WASS has just got an excellent achievement after competing with other strong teams in Robotacon Contest (WRO – 2017) held in Costa Rica.

This year, there are 55 nations with more than 500 teams participating in the Robotacon Contest. The number of students who joined this competition came from primary school, secondary  and high school. Among that, 12 strong teams who came from different schools in Vietnam had got excellent rewards in Robotacon Vietnam contest, as the representatives for Vietnam, went to Costa Rica to compete against other teams worldwide.

After 5 rounds with effort, all Vietnam’s squads had an honor to be on the list of teams taking the lead to get to the final round. Proudly, 2 teams of WASS in the age of Junior high school and High school had achieved the awards in B4 Invention field as below:

Open Junior (Junior high school)

  1. Tran Bao Khang – 5C
  2. Tran Bao An – 8A
  3. Le Thuong Trac – WA8

STEAM WASS 4 was honored to achieve 24th prize with the project of Traffic Light Use Solar Energy.

Open Senior (High School)

  1. Tran Anh Khoa – 11A
  2. Nguyen Tuong Linh – 11A
  3. Nguyen Pham Anh Minh – 11B

STEAM WASS 2 excellently got 242,33 points and won 23rd prize with their project: Diverse Terrain Rescue Robot.

In addition, the reigning Vietnam champion (UPAN) who come from Specialized Information Technology Department – University of Science and Le Hong Phong High School for The Gifted, got 206,33 points in total, hold 26th prize in the contest. Clearly, STEAM WASS community got the outstanding results, to be on the highest prize positions among the all the Vietnam teams in this competition.

Moreover, this contest gave a chance for WASSers to widen their knowledge, not only in enriching knowledge but also in practicing confidence and improving communication skill when working with others from another countries. By this opportunity, students have expanded their unlimited friendship through experiences that they have got through the international contest. We believed that these priceless experiences will become their unforgettable memories and it would also be the first step for them to pursue their dreams of studying abroad at one of the top universities in the the world.

Lastly, let’s congratulate STEAM WASS and look back the proudly moments of WASSers in WRO this year.

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