Online Final Exam – WACE Program

The very special 2021-2022 school year has taken place almost halfway. And recently, students of WACE program in Western Australia also “experienced” the online exam for the first time.

WASSers of WACE program entered the last week of term II extremely special when it was converted from an on-site exam to an online exam through applications such as Schoology and Google Meets.

Because of these small changes, during the exam, the WASS teachers were present very early to prepare the best conditions for the exam and ensure a smooth and fair exam for all students. 

From technical problems, the connection of transmission lines, to how to place cameras so that teachers can observe more clearly, all students cooperated very well with the teachers.

This WACE exam  is the final exam and is extremely important for students in the WACE program. Let’s look forward to your results!

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