Halloween Festival “Nuthin’ but a Ghoul Thing”

Spectacular, bustling and magical, Halloween at WASS is an opportunity for students to transform into their favorite characters and play interesting games.

Although not a traditional holiday in the nation, Halloween is loved and awaited by students because of the mysterious vibe of this festival. And at WASS, the Halloween atmosphere has spread through all campuses of the school with a magical space and fun activities, sports and team games. It’s typical of the spooky holiday season that’s fun and rewarding.

With the theme “Nuthin’ but a Ghoul Thing” this year, WASSers can freely wear costumes to transform into their favorite characters. Not only that, the students will really be immersed in the festive atmosphere when participating in activities such as decorating monster doors, classrooms and campus in their own Halloween style.

Also derived from the tradition of this day, students will come together to knock on the door of each classroom in bizarre costumes by saying: “Trick or treat”. Halloween is also an opportunity to teach WASSers to say thank you meaningfully when they receive something from others, and at the same time should not be greedy and stingy, but always know how to help people around.

The annual Halloween festival is an interesting event expected by WASSers. In addition to the opportunity to learn about the customs and habits of Western countries, students also have the opportunity to promote their creativity and strengthen their solidarity and cohesion through individual and collective activities and games. . Believe that, the festival will bring students a useful, creative playground and above all, memorable memories with teachers and friends with meaningful messages.

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