How do WASSers learn PE online?

Learning online in Math or Literature is not too difficult since students still can listen to the lecture through the screen, take notes and express their opinions. To PE, although there is a huge difference, learning PE online cannot make WASSers feel difficulty.

During this period, although WASSers cannot come to school, all students are still able to participate in class to do exercise every day. Because at WASS, PE is not simply about movements. In spite of difficulties when it comes to online learning for a subject that requires a large space for practice, teachers at WASS with their flexibility and innovation, are always looking for effective ways to teach.

“The first thing to mention is the preparation of the lesson plan of the PE teacher. We have to consider choosing appropriate content for our classes, which brings a lot of inspiration for learning and the most important thing is that all students are involved even in a smaller space and they can take advantage of the available equipment. In addition, we also include exercises to help students relax their eyes and clear the blockage in energy and blood flow before, during and after studying on the computer screen, etc.

During teaching time, we don’t forget to ask about our students’ health in order to grasp the general situation, and then, we can deliver appropriate warm-up lessons. Teachers have to observe to correct the movements and remind students to adjust their practice spaces for safety. After making sure everything is in order, we practice physical exercises to observe, guide and correct them in a timely manner. Not only to increase physical activity for students at home, but Physical Education also allows them to consciously improve their health during the pandemic, and relax after stressful learning hours.” – Mr. Minh Phu

“After learning PE, there are movements that I have never thought existed, such as bringing my legs forward, my arms outstretched and then forward, then back to the first position. Because there are many new things to learn, at the end of the class, my teacher always gives careful instructions so that my friends and I can review the movements and prepare well for the next lesson.”Ngo Khanh Huy – 4D

Through daily practice, students learn how to promote safe, healthy lifestyles for better health.

“During PE class, my teacher teaches us lessons that bring many health benefits during the stressful pandemic. It can be said that continuous exercise has helped me to have a healthy body and a relaxing mind after stressful school hours. Moreover, he also gives us advice and activity/ exercise  for my eyes to rest after spending time learning on the computer.”Le Thai Phuong Anh – 10A

“During the quarantine, the online PE classes make me feel better because I know how to exercise properly for good health. However, sometimes I find that learning PE online is so inconvenient when there is a weak connection, and the screen is disconnected and I cannot practice. I hope this pandemic will end soon so that I can come to school for more exercise.”Le Duc Thinh – 4C

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