Balance for the comprehensive development

After-school Activities at WASS are the important foundation to improve and develop the core values of education. It contributes to creating generations of students who grow comprehensively and balanced in knowledge, skills, mantal, and physical.

To promote and realize that goal, WASS continues to implement after-school activities with 3 categories, including Clubs, Workshop, and Athletic Programs. WASSers can experience and participate in a wide variety of activities in many areas from music, art, sports, or academics. It is a great platform to help students discover and practice their talent, improve physical health as well as gain necessary understanding about the world.

Those activities create a useful playground to develop themselves, and get more healthy relaxing moments, appropriate to each individual’s interests and talent.

Let’s find out the benefits of After-school Activities with the sharing of WASSers!

“In order for students to have a comprehensive development, besides the regular lessons, WASS also organizes many interesting and diverse activities. The most prominent can be mentioned as the art club to promote imagination and creativity, or the leadership club to improve the ability to plan and make strategies.

Workshop is one of the new and exciting activities in this school year. We researched and shared our knowledge and experiences in many fields of life such as culture, society, technology, or relationships. Moreover, sports programs brought necessary training sections to have good health.

After-school activities are exciting experiences which help us improve essential skills for future life, as well as enhance both mental and physical health. It would be a big regret if you missed out on those useful activities. Let’s take time to improve ourselves every day!” – WASSer Tran Kim Nhan, 8C.

“After a long time studying online, we are once again learning directly together in the new school year full of faith and hope. We returned to “the original trajectory” with countless difficult exams and projects, gradually getting used to and integrating into a rhythmic and flexible lifestyle. Along with that, the amazing extracurricular activities took place again, creating opportunities for us to develop ourselves, and at the same time reduce stress and pressure after a long day of learning.

We can freely try different interesting activities, choose areas that we have interest in and appropriate expertise and talent. The innovation and originality of activities in this school year includes subjects like GIN and Workshop – seminars, or forums to meet and talk about life’s issues. We can also expand our knowledge, improve critical thinking and soft skills in order to raise the core values of learning.

Every student needs to be conscious and responsible for training, self-development, and applying lessons at school to prepare for future life. I am grateful and appreciative of WASS’ efforts in building a quality learning environment, a “launch pad” for our future dream.” – sharing of WASSer Nguyen Hoang Thien Thanh, class 9B.

“There are many clubs that we can choose such as football, golf, yoga, art, or chess. I am a girl, so I prefer participating in light sports and this is a reason why I choose Chess to learn new things. What I like most about joining is meeting and interacting with new friends. It makes me feel much more confident in communication, relaxing after stressful classes and releasing negative energy.

Chess helps develop my brain, be independent in thinking, and learn how to stay calm when facing challenges. Every move on the chessboard brings a corresponding result. It helps me understand that in order to achieve good results in both school and life, I need to think, analyze and make decisions carefully.

I always appreciate my parents for choosing a great learning environment. Moreover, I would like to send sincere thanks to the principals and teachers at WASS for accompanying and guiding me during the past time. I will always try and do my best to achieve the best results.” – WASSer Dinh Bao Tien, Class 7B.

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